Monday, 10 August 2015

Partners in Crime 'The Secret Adversary'- Episode 3 review

As the beginning of the episode started I felt a great deal of empathy for Tuppence as she had to just sit and wait for Tommy to come home. And she didn't have any idea what had happened to him.
Thankfully, he returned but had to try and hide the fact that he is now working for Brown which he didn't seem to manage very well. Tuppence just followed him until he told her which I think shows courage and bravery because he had to have a big weight of having no-one to turn too to keep his son safe.

Fortunately, Tuppence had a plan and they were well on their way to delivering the Linden Tree file to Brown's men.
Sneakily, Albert and Tuppence to fit trackers onto the men's cars and they followed them, only to discover that the brakes of their car wasn't working.
This added well to the increased amount of danger and thrill of not knowing how far Mr.Brown would go.

They come home to discover that their home has been ransacked which leads them to Jane Finn's book.
The couples relationship is given a lot of changes from Tommy keeping what happened to him in Soho secret, the excitement of them realizing that they work better together and the unexpected betrayal of Peel who is revealed to be the infamous Mr.Brown. 
It was quite shocking as I was more inclined to believe that it was Julius as he was the one brandishing a gun and threatening the pair.

We find out that he is in fact Jane's lover and just following orders from Brown to find the tape recorder and destroy it. Which Tommy and Tuppence discover was hiding in with his queen bee in the Shed after they realise that, 'Anassa' is in fact translated as Queen.

I have to mention the music again as there is some fabulous twangs, twinkly soft tones that bring the adventure and chilling scenes to life, especially in the deserted warehouse where Tommy hands the file over and we see what has happened to Annette. 
My body felt very tense and I was genuinely fearing for Tommy's life with the silence, then a quick flash of torchlight illuminating a figure with a gun.

There were many twists that filled the conclusion of the story and I felt very statisfied with how it ended. I would have prefered Peel to have not killed himself but I understand why he did it.
The most exciting and thrilling aspect of this episode was the two main stars who continue to bring so much wit, warmth, comedy, love and spontaneity to the roles that I just want to see more!

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