Saturday, 10 October 2015

Doctor Who- Before the Flood Review

The concluding episode of Under the Lake delivers highly in its explanation of who the Fisher King is and how the Doctor cheats death, although he doesn't really- it was a hologram! It's strange because I was speculating in my head about whether the ghost Doctor was actually real, and I thought, 'Maybe it's a hologram' but then I dismissed it and then I found it to be true! I felt quite proud.

It was so cool when the Doctor began talking to us all, it felt so personal like he was talking to me. It so rarely happens I was thrilled and the rock version of the theme tune should definitely be made official, it was glorious!

So the Doctor arrives in 1980 with Bennet and O'Donnell tagging along, I was thinking what the twelfth Doctor would be like with a couple as companions and thought it would be quite nice and refreshing. O'Donnell's glee at the Tardis being bigger on the inside was adorable, I couldn't help but smile and think that is exactly what I would do... and then she dies.
This was a shocking moment and my body felt stunned, I genuinely couldn't believe it. I think this gave Bennet time to show multiple sides of himself which was to be expected but I was relieved that the supporting characters arre given different material to work with.

It enables the Doctor to respond in new and strange ways, I would expect him to stab Bennet with his eyebrows and argue back when Bennet says about O'Donnell dying was a part of the Doctor's theory.
Back in the base, Clara is mirroring the Doctor's attitude towards using people to 'do what has to be done' as she calls it. I find this evolution of Clara fascinating, I think everything that has happened with Danny and the Doctor regenerating has not had the most positive impact on her and it shouldn't. I like that the writers are showing what can happen to the Doctor's companions when they kind of lose all they are, and that this life with the Doctor isn't always inspiring and fun, everything comes at a cost, and if Clara wants to have this kind of life she's going to have to change to fit in with it.

Her order to send Lunn out of the faraday cage to get her phone back was hard to watch in a way because I love Clara but seeing her this narcissitic was quite worrying. Essentially though, I think that it gave good cause because we got to see that wonderful interaction between Clara and Cass. The atmosphere was intense, Sophie Stone did magnificently well portraying the worried friend and ashamed colleague.

Onto the monster- the Fisher King was a mighty looking alien, and alien he felt. His immense size and the skull like head with boney skeletel structures were vile and menacing bringing some quality villiany.
The pace kept its rhythm as I was completely enthralled by the Doctor and Clara's conversation about time and escaping death, Cass being stalked by Moran was genius and the Doctor popping out of the stasis chamber was entirely what I thought would happen. Not that it was predictable, but I knew it would be something that the Doctor would do, to fool everyone.

By the end, I could feel the coldness and empty space between everyone as the effect of the crewmembers dying being felt hard here. This was lit up beatifully with Bennet ordering Lunn to tell Cass that he loves her. It shred some hope for these characters and knowing that these two were safe gave me some comfort.

A compelling, thrilling, emotional, heartmwarming and shocking conclusion to a story that I value highly as what Doctor Who should be.

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