Sunday, 4 October 2015

Doctor Who- Under the Lake Review

Under the Lake feels like a mix of wonderfully delicious underwater fun that delves into an extremely fascinating ghost story.
I loved the visuals of the story; the illuminated green, dirty corridors that add history and depth to the setting.
From the beginning, the suppporting characters feel very appealing and charismatic as they extend towards their own personality. The script allows us to see glimpses of who these people could be. Of course, we could have seen more from them but I think the sudden deaths lend itself to the frightening realisation that the Doctor, Clara and the team literally have no idea who these ghosts are- are they real or not?

One of the most memorable highlights was the ever evolving relationship between the Doctor and Clara; a sparkling conversation where the Doctor tries to tell Clara not to go Native. Clara has become scarily like the doctor with her wrecklessness attitude seemingly obvious in this episode.
However, it does give us some playful, quirky and fun moments; Clara wanting to high five the Doctor and the Doctor's social cards (I could do with some of those) all adding to a sprinkle of fun in the midst of some fascinating investigating.

More so, the script holds brilliant tension and suspense; the ghosts were incredibly scary with their silent movement and their slight appointment to trying to kill but always staying close behind their victims.
I have a high interest in stories involving water which I think stemmed from The Waters of Mars, the wavy effect reflected on the corridor walls and the water separating the Doctor and Clara gave me shivers.
The mysterious symbols, the spaceship gave the story some unique qualities in that the characters and the audience believe that these ghosts could be real ghosts, but with a nagging sensation that there has to be more to be uncovered.
A slick, funny, compelling, suspenseful with a rocky music score that gives a classic Who story a very modern sheebang! 

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