Saturday, 3 October 2015

Doctor Who-The Witch's Familiar Review

Here at the beginning of a new chapter of adventure, and what a beginning it was.
It was a tidal wave of ideas, history and monumentous dialogue. A beginning of a battlefield ensures we are immediately entranced and questioning where is the doctor?
This is the question on everyone's lips.

The evolution of the doctor and Clara as individuals and their relationship is seemingly intriguing- she feels stronger, knowledgable and constantly searching for a new mission. Her teaching job looks like it has become her secondary priority.  He looks more relaxed, caring, and fun showing off.

There were so many obsurd and wonderful aliens/ creatures to feast our eyes upon as Colony Sarff, a creature made of snakes, searches for the doctor on behalf of Davros! DAVROS, I truly was shocked and my jaw did not return to its original position for quite some time- The Shadow Proclamation, Maldovarium and planet Karn. Also, encountering old faces- Judoon, Hath and that fish alien from Torchwood! 
He has to be one of the most disturbing creatures in the show- the creepy and spooky way that he travels and the slimy serpents collaborate into one almighty foe!

So the frozen planes in the sky was just Missy trying to get UNIT's and Clara's attention- it's such a Missy thing to do and I love her for it especially the despicable texting, she loves to play games.
Her opposition from playful to killer was completely frightening and added definite devleopment to her character.

Clara and Missy find him in Essex ( my hometown!) 1138AD pleasing the crowds with his guitar! 
I was flabbergasted at this sight but that's the magic of this show- it's imagination and unpredictability is unlimited. 

As a knowing trap ensures, the doctor is confronted with the realisation that he made Davros and that he's standing on Skaro, Clara and Missy have been killed, so the doctor has gone back to when he first met Davros to ultimately, Exterminate him. 
Well, that was certainly a cliffhanger!

Davros depicting that the Daleks are willing Clara to run like hunters toying with its prey was a twisted and horrifying revelation, that made me even more afraid of these tank monsters.

One of my favourite episodes and it's only episode 1 - this is going to be magic!

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