Saturday, 3 October 2015

Doctor Who- The Witch's Familiar Review

Wait, Clara and Missy aren't dead- well, that wasn't much of a surprise but Missy's explanation of how she managed to teleport instead of disintegrating was very helpful.
The opening of when she's describing one of the doctor's past adventures was visually very dynamic and slick; the black and white colour and freezing of time.

Two parters always need to have the level raised in the second installment and the Witch's familiar definitely amped up the quality of this story.
I'd only ever seen Davros in Genesis of the Daleks and the series 4 finale so I never felt like I knew much about him and his past.
Being able to see his motivations and manipulations take hold in such a deceiving manner was quite ruthless and shocking. I really felt like you could see into the cracks of the doctor and Davros personalities; their guilt, regret and honesty albeit slightly not in this case. 
The doctor and Davros are both playing each other, well, they know each other so well. Davros knows that the doctor's weakness is compassion and uses that to manipulate him. 
He is a very complex enemy of the doctor because he's not evil but just wants to protect his race and ensure their survival.
I found it a bit hypocritical of him when the doctor second guessed his plan, Davros then asked for the his help.

In contrast to all the complex conversations between two old scientists, there is Missy and Clara who, after threatening to kill each other with a pointy stick, seemingly begin to like each other. I can definitely see Missy flirting with Clara at some points, her manic laugh and bonkers range of accents is beyond funny. 
I feel like these two could have their own spin-off show which has led me to wander whether Missy has travelling companions and then kills them after their adventures together. Just a thought.
Oh, and she had a daughter, what? I wouldn't be surprised if she had killed her own child. If she believes that being friends with someone means trying to kill them, then who knows what goes on in that maddening Time Lady brain of hers. There is so much to like about the Dalek sewer scene; Clara inside a Dalek, Missy being Missy and a lone Dalek who has no idea what its gliding into.

The doctor taking a little ride in Davros chair was quite a sight and the comedy value that comes with it was extraordinary. As the decaying Daleks come squelching through the pipes, explosions are a foot and Missy cannot help but try to make the doctor kill Clara! 
This was a great turn of events  because as you can't help liking Missy, you always need to remember that she is a mad, bonkers Time Lady who always has plans of conquering worlds and dominating them. There's not much warmth in those two hearts, well only for the doctor.

After this phenomenal two parter opening, I think we have a staggeringly fabulous series of adventures to come! Now I want to know about the vampire monkeys......

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