Saturday, 7 November 2015

Agents of Shield S3 E5 Review

4722 Hours- that's how long it took for us to see how special Gemma Simmons is. She has a whole episode dedicated to her time on the alien planet and what we see is something I certainly wasn't expecting.

If you have a character that hasn't had much screen time to focus on, putting her in a situation where we get to see her motivations, hope, helplessness and sheer determination to get home is what makes this episode so special. Not only in storytelling but in the cinematography, pace and direction.

Elizabeth Henstridge brings a stunning performance to Simmons with her frustration at not being able to see the sun, to killing a monster plant and eating it. Her time on this planet proves what real strength really is; it's not about the fighting skills but the will and instinct and adaption to survive.

There were still so many mysteries to the planet that we didn't get to explore but I think that makes the thought of Simmons going back even more terrifying. Each scene was handled with raw emotions that went back and forth and felt truly real to the eye.

When Simmons met Will I was fascinated at where the story as going because I certainly didn't think there would be any other humans, let alone an astronaut who had been on the planet for fourteen years.

I can completely understand why Simmons would fall in love with this man- his brave, strong, courageous and smart and the only other person she had at a time where she felt completely hopeless. I did feel a punch in the stomach though because I was thinking, 'But what about Fitz'?. Then I realised, that if anyone was in Simmons situation then of course you would cling onto the only other person with you.

Marvel have managed to construct a really clever, thought provoking story about survival and love with added layers of humour with a wonderful performance from Elizabeth Henstridge. This season is seriously going somewhere new and delightfully exciting!

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