Saturday, 21 November 2015

Doctor Who- Face the Raven review

The story of Clara Oswald has turned its final page, and what a story she was! The impossible girl thought she was saving Rigsy when there was no need, it was all a mystery created by Ashildr to lure the Doctor into the trap street. 

So lets start there, the return of Rigsy sees him finding a strange tattoo on his neck that is counting down, a fake death sentence to entice the Doctor into finding out who had killed Anna, a new alien janus who has two heads.

I found it lovely to see that Rigsy has evolved and created a life for himself, a mature, loving father and husband. The story is an intelligent and fantastical driven notion of streets that house aliens that we don't know about.

The sequence of the Doctor, Clara and Rigsy walking the streets of London to find these hidden streets made the story feel more personal because I could imagine bumping into them in passing.

Everything about this episode screams creativity from its set design, costumes and the creation of some new aliens who make an immediately impact on human empathy. A particular awesome scene was when Clara almost fell out of the Tardis but loving the adrenaline and near death experience. An absolute representation of her addiction to the Doctor's lifestyle.

The trio splits up, trying to find who the real murderer is. This is what infuriated me about Ashildr, Rigsy never was going to die but she couldn't possibly believe that Clara would even think about facing the raven herself. 

There are some incredibly indulgent and witty lines from Clara,"Me and Jane Austen play pranks on each other, she is the worst I love her, take that how you like", a possible assumption to her fancy of the famous author.

Also, there is an atmosphere in this episode that is completely unique and new, I found it so magical and yet it felt so sci-fi at the same time. The fateful cliffhanger that befalls Clara, the Doctor looks on horrified as does Ashildr when they realise Clara now wears the quantum shade was daunting and terrifying.

Her fate is brought to a tragic and bound by a stupid mistake that she thought the Doctor would be able to fix her. A stupid and pointless mistake that costs Clara her life. What I loved about the emotionally draining conclusion is that she doesn't complain or fight but accepts that she needs to brave and face the raven. 

She does so with such courage and grace, her last gift to the Doctor is reminding him of who he is. Jenna Coleman has given us an impeccable performance once again with such heart and energy that I felt quite numb after watching the second time. A truly iconic summation of Clara Oswald- "I will die and no-one else will suffer".

For any fans who didn't like her because they thought she was too perfect, too like the Doctor then after this, know that there is no such thing a perfect human being but there is such a thing as extraordinary, and that's what Clara is and always will be- the Impossible Girl.

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