Saturday, 21 November 2015

Doctor Who- Sleep No More review

Mark Gatiss helms a scary tale but it feels scattered and unsure of its objective. After watching Sleep No More, I felt very confused as to what had actually happened.
The story felt very disjointed in that I didn't feel like the story was layered enough or brought a plot that was uniquely interesting.

However, there are some wonderful unique elements that we have here. The decision to have the story from a found footage perspective was very ambitious and creative. It's purpose served the scariness of the Sandmen as they hovered in the dark and we got to feel like we were one of the characters, in direct contact with the Doctor and Clara.

Additionally, the angles and lighting was very creative in how the red/purple hues illuminated the characters only slightly to leave us wandering what could be hiding in the dark.

The Sandmen themselves were very creepy in their deficit in wanting only to digest and kill and with their stretched mouths, they were definitely gruesome. The Tardis duo have some great and funny lines with each other, especially the Doctor pondering why people put the word space in front of future technologies

The supporting characters didn't feel like they had much depth, layers or personality to them which made me feel distant from them and when they all eventually died, I have to admit I didn't really feel anything.

But the story idea of the Sandmen being sand dust and that their visual receptors are the mini cameras floating in the air makes for unusual but insightful ideas into what sleep means to us.

I thoroughly enjoyed the climax because it was unexpected and intelligent that the footage itself was the Sandmen's way into digesting people.

My concluding thoughts to this, as the Doctor says, "None of this makes any sense"!

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