Saturday, 7 November 2015

Doctor Who- The Woman Who Lived Review

In this week's episode of Doctor Who, Catherine Tregenna has delivered a delicious script with an integral insight into what being immortal actually is like. There has been snippets with Captain Jack where he has spoken to the Doctor and in Torchwood but with Ashildr, it focuses more on living day after day and not having enough head space to remember her family and experiences.

I adored the 16th century setting and the dark lighting was a warming change with a wonderful artistic success for the location setting and costumes. Maisie Williams delivered the script with such weight and conviction that I was compelled to her character. Being the same age as her, I was really astounded by her performance, she made every word mean something that just took the story to so many places.

These two would make a remarkable team and yet when they were having that conversation at the end, I couldn't help but feel scared. Just by their perspective on life which obviously changes the way they see people who fleet past them.

My most geeky moment was when the Doctor mentioned Captain Jack, I would love to see Jack and Ashildr together! An immortality club, I just imagine them sharing stories about the different ways in which Jack has died.

The underlying story that has the Doctor and Me search for a purple alien amulet felt like a refreshing supporting role for the overall story. The villian Leandro was a striking figure that the modern series hasn't really scene before and I was delighted at his slight vulnerability and selfish nature.

I did feel quite sorry for the Doctor though, he just thought he had saved a young woman but didn't think at the time the consequences that would befall Ashildr. I think these needed to be addressed because he does need reminding of some bad decisions he has made. But I don't think that Ashildr becoming immortal was a bad thing because she is a good person, she just forgot how to be one.

When Clara stepped back into the Tardis, I felt like I hadn't seen her for ages and I really missed her! That shot of the Doctor recognising Ashildr/me gave me so many thoughts; he seems scared and glad to see her at the same time because he now knows that she has lived for centuries, what does that do to a person?

I'm sure we'll find out because I've recently heard that Maisie Williams is returning for episode ten which is very exciting news! 

Overall, this has been a wild ride, an incredibly stunning script with some genuinely funny moments with conflict, twists and a look into the Doctor's guilt.

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