Saturday, 7 November 2015

The Zygon Inversion Review

The concluding part to this incredible Zygon two parter- The Zygon Inversion is something groundbreaking and completely divine.
At the beginning, Bonnie's interrogation was fast, intelligent and tense with Clara's slices of humour and terror at not being able to lie being most gripping.
I particularly felt that the approach to how Clara interferes with Bonnie was very creative and cool.

It was a nice escape for the Doctor and Osgood to have parachutes and those scenes that they shared delved deep into the Doctor's vulnerability at the possible death of Clara and his nagging want to know if Osgood is human or Zygon. But this is the main theme of the story, it doesn't matter, it's about accepting both races and ensuring peace between them.

More so, we've been some wonderful moments to see the Zygons from a different perspective. The Zygon that was filmed by Bonnie felt vulnerable and scared and I felt genuinely sad for him because the majority of its race just wants to live in peace. It was painful to see it kill itself.

It's where the conflict takes off as Bonnie discovers that there are two Osgood boxes, who no doubt will become some kind of merchandise in the future.
This is the moment where the twelfth Doctor is given his own time to try and persuade Bonnie that war isn't worth the beauty of peace.

Peter Capaldi brought so much gravitas, truth and conviction to his performance and I felt like I couldn't breathe as I watched him sparkle. There were so many levels and I could truly feel the pain that he continues to carry with him. It was saddening but empowering and inspiring. This is why I love the Doctor and why he is my hero.

With so much that correlates with society today, I feel that these episodes should be commended for their prevalence, ambition, sophistication and intelligence in telling a rich and valuable story.

Peter, Jenna and Ingrid's performance were creative, unique and delicious to watch. I have always wanted to see two Clara's in one episode and now it's happened. I have a new respect for the Zygons and I would gladly live amongst them myself. There aren't enough good words to describe this two-parter.

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