Sunday, 13 December 2015

Agents of Shield Episode 10 'Maveth' review

The winter finale provides unlimited tension, chills, gripping moments and character fueled choices that take the team in uncharted depths. Maveth is a stunning representation of how many ambitious decisions has provided within this series. 

The episode begins with an attempted attack on Ward by Fitz as he sees an opportunity to end him for good. It almost heightens the unpredictability that anything could happen to our beloved characters.

A cameo from Rosalind eventually pushes Coulson into waking up and he makes it his mission to save Fitz, but is this just a moral mask to hide his true agenda?
Back on Earth, Mack takes charge as Director with grace and an inspiring respect for his people.

Elsewhere, Simmons cleverly escapes which allows the story to bring Andrew back into the mix again, it seems strange seeing him now because he still has this honesty and warmth to him that I can still feel........ But then later on when May goes looking for him, we find a few dozen Inhuman bodies which dwindle those feelings quite a bit.

Each team member brings something to the rescue mission; Hunter and Bobbi provide the humour, Lincoln is all with the logic and Daisy sticks with the loyalty for her team. I could clearly see May is still not herself and the damage that Andrew has done to her is evident and really sad to see, but it's right- truth in her emotional damage and pain.

We dive back onto the alien planet where Fitz finally locates Will which many layers of drama and hidden feelings that I think Fitz has but he's a better man to not let them drive the situation. But of course, Ward arrives and sticks the knife right in which provides the tension.

There is a wonderful concoction that Will and Fitz create to get back through the portal and leave Ward and his soldiers behind. It's only when this happens that the disturbing shocks come blasting into the story.

Fitz finds that Will has been dead since he saved Jemma and the creature that Ward has been searching for has taken his form; the grotesque bones and muscles were truly horrible!

The tension builds as Mack orders May to blow the Hydra base if they don't get out before the portal closes. More so, the music composition provided chills and my heart was pounding when Coulson actively chose to murder Ward by crushing his chest; the crunching of Ward's bones was particularly horrific.

Then BOOM- the base is destroyed and we get that heart grinding wait to see who comes out of the pod. I loved the slow motion sequence as one by one the team came striding out with relief on their faces.

There is debate when Jemma runs over to the pod; is she looking for Fitz or Will. Personally, I think she was looking for both and when she didn't seen any of them she lost hope. But she turned round, saw Fitz, obviously relieved and thankful for his return.

We have a lasting shot of Fitz looking at Coulson at the scene he just witnessed- this man who has been his friend and leader has made the choice to murder Ward when he could have just let him to die on the alien planet.

Clearly, we are going to be seeing a completely different man and it's something that is very intriguing and disturbing.

Still, there is one last twist that the writers wedge into the concluding scene- Ward has now been overtaken by the creature that Fitz thought he killed. Wherever the rest of the season takes us, it's going to be epic, full of drama, tension and I think a lot of blood. Pray for your favourite characters lives!

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