Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Agents of Shield S3 E9 Closure review

Agents of Shield has come so far from that very first episode where it was clear the writers were holding their breaths and hoping that people would stick with the characters and stories within the Marvel universe.

'Closure' has to be one of my favorite episodes of the entire show. There were groundbreaking shocks; Ward murdering Rosalind in the most painful and sudden way, Coulson's hands now filled with her blood. Their peaceful dinner seemed too good to be true but I certainly wasn't expecting THAT!

This promotes Coulson's path for the entire story- taking down Ward after he puts it, he was the one who recruited him so everything that he has done is because of him. I don't think this is necessarily true because all Coulson ever did was make him a part of the family and Ward became a psychopath long before he met Coulson, but I see where his guilt is coming from, everyone aroun seems to die because they form a relationship with Coulson which Ward uses.

The ambition and intense unguided us through a thrilling component of exploring Ward's relationship with each of the original team members. I found this really refreshing and interesting, especially learning that Simmons liked Ward but knew that he was more interested in Skye was a comedic aspect in those dark scenes.

The story pumps into a find and destroy with Hunter and Bobbi being brought along, Mack being made acting director which gave him the chance to take a step forward and give that impressive speech to the secret warriors.
Every character is exposed and I felt like anything could happen to them once the team found that FitzSimmons had been kidnapped by Malick. Hearing Simmons scream as she was being tortured was really painful particularly when I saw Fitz clearly screaming inside at not being able to help her. 

But he proves his absolute dedication and love for her by going through the portal to bring back the Hydra creature that Malick wants so much. As the plot comes to a climax, we get given another shock as Coulson descends through as well, his vengeful mentality proving to be his only motivation.

I think the hero out of all of the team members and super powered beings has to be Fitz, all he's ever wanted is to be with Simmons and then another man comes between them and because Simmons admits that she loves Will, Fitz makes that his main priority to get him back for her. He is the true hero of this show and I pray that he does come back safe and alive. That one extraordinary line, "I don't think I'm strong enough to live in a world that doesn't have you in it", is truly stunning in how powerful and emotional it makes that scene so memorable.

This felt like a season finale level with every character given a crucial part in the plot, shocks that were utterly unpredictable and character moments that made me plead for the characters I love to survive and take down Ward for good, because I really hate this guy. 

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