Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Doctor Who- Heaven Sent review

The Doctor is alone. But his bravery and wise words from Clara brings him home. Heaven Sent is luxuriously indulgent and absorbing. The visualization of the story is so artistic and creative; frozen flies, the Tardis lighting up and the Doctor underwater being only a minority of the many.

As the audience, we are given an introduction that is both intriguing and mystifying in seeing the Doctor really scared of this cloaked figure- the Veil. I found the lyrical narrative completely fascinating like melting cookie dough- soothing and delicious.

The plot leads to a really intricate crafting of timey-wimey loopholes that see the Doctor endlessly dying for billions of years, each time punching a hole through the azbantium which is blocking his way home.

I found this metaphor beautiful and definitely a perfect tool to seed into the explanation for the millions of skulls that were found. I can't even imagine how brutal and infinitely exhausting it must have been for the Doctor, and seeing his bloodied face and hands was very saddening.

Therefore, it's quite unpleasant to realise that that this was a cruel trap crafted by the Time Lords; the Doctor did save their entire planet in the only way to ensure their survival and they torture him like this. Murray Gold's score brought so much atmosphere that fitted each scene collectively. The harmonicas were so endearing and classical sound of the violins were beautiful.

The teasers about the Hybrid made that concluding revelation a spine-tingling moment where I gasped behind a cushion, my palms sweating and brain bouncing up and down at the sight of Gallifrey!

A spell-binding, tragic piece of storytelling from the magnificent Steven Moffat!

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