Saturday, 5 December 2015

Doctor Who-Hell Bent review

I am boiling hot from jumping up and down too much, going crazy and geeking out to the maximum! 
Where to begin, well logically, let's start at the very beginning. The Doctor returns to the American Diner where we last saw him with the Ponds in the Impossible Astronaut. There he meets Clara, now before I saw the ending my theories were that this was another version of Clara who the Doctor had been outwardly seeking but no, it's the genuine article, except heartbroken... a lot.

Clara listens to his story and it starts on Gallifrey, where we revisit the barn where the Doctor slept as a boy in 'Listen' and returned in 'The Day of the Doctor'. At first I was unsure what the relationship was with the Doctor and the Time Lords, but then it became clear that the Doctor was angry at the High Council especially Rassilon who was expressively banished- quite right too! I liked seeing the soldiers lay down their weapons and side with the Doctor. Could this be a truce or peace?

After much discussion with the Time Lords and Sisterhood of Karn on the theories of the Hybrid, the Doctor's plan is revealed- he spent four and a half billion years so that he could access the Extraction Chamber and save Clara. This is an extremely powerful and determined Doctor who is not letting anything get in his way. Peter Capaldi is terrifying as he shoots the General and pulls Clara into the Cloister tombs- the biggest database in the universe. Daleks, Cybermen and Weeping Angels!

More so, I was so surprised to realise that Clara was actually Clara, and not a hologram or a dream extraction. However, she is stuck between one heartbeat and the next- no pulse so technically still dead. Jenna Coleman gives us her greatest performance- her shock and bewilderment that the Doctor would spend over four billion years saving her because he has a duty of care, to keep her safe was mesmerising and extraordinary!

This is not the Doctor, as Clara states, "What happened to the Doctor"? It seems the Doctor hasn't really thought his plan through, he's been so hell bent on saving Clara that he didn't know what would happen afterwards. He grabs a new Tardis (nostalgia kicks in with the sight of the 60's retro interior) and thinks that by travelling to the end of the universe will restart Clara's heart.

It was magical to see this new dynamic between the pair; Clara is afraid of this Doctor, he shouts and has become limitless and reckless like her, almost letting time fracture. Another brilliant scene is the reappearance of Me.

She throws her Hybrid theories to the Doctor and it's here that we are allowed to contemplate that the Hybrid is two people, possibly the Doctor and Clara- half-human and Time Lord. It's a really clever idea especially when Missy was brought into why she brought them together!

Additionally, there are so many beautiful scenes with the Doctor and Clara- when they both realise that one of them has to forget one another, it's the Doctor and the last thing he wants to see is Clara smile. There is another before this when the Doctor says that they could just fly away and Clara responds with, " God, yeah". You can see their yearning to just put their arms up and say to hell with the universe, but this is their sacrifice, letting each other go so that the Doctor can move on.

It was amazing to hear the Doctor playing Clara's theme and seeing Clara's story end- she gets to become the Doctor in a way; she has a Tardis, companion in Me, immortality and her destination is Gallifrey. I have more stories to write! Clara Oswald deserves to live the adventures she's dreamed of because she's made this mad man the Doctor again, complete with velvet jacket and NEW SONIC!

Utterly moving, suspenseful, mind-blowing, incredibly sad, heartwarming and epic conclusion to the Impossible Girl!  Run, run you clever boy and be a Doctor! We'll be right there with you Doctor! See you around Clara Oswald!

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