Saturday, 30 January 2016

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Hi all. My good buddy Bruce is going to be running The London Marathon this April, dressed a crash test dummy, and has asked me to ask you lovely, charitable peeps if you'd like to sponsor him. He'll be fundraising for the charity 'Livability'. You can find his Justgiving page here:

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Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Supergirl Season 1 'A Stranger from Another Planet' review

From last week's weird Toy theme, this episode gives the season far more weight and better dialogue. Kara and Winn are still feeling awkward around each other which shows the aftermath of a broken friendship.

Running parallel to this is Cat and her son-Adam. She finds that Kara wrote a letter to him so that they could meet each other. This weaves way for Kara to find another romantic interest that feels healthy and fresh.

Cat's scenes with her son were very strained but do show some moving interaction between the two. Even though Kara is an alien, she seems to have an amazing understanding of human emotion and intellect.

The new alien is a white Martian which was really grotesque and the description that Hank gives of how his family was killed added more power towards the threat it poses.

It seems that Hank's relationship has really grown into a paternal and strong team that needs each other to hold each other up when their existence becomes to much for them to cope with.

Adam asking Kara out in a date was obvious that he would from the start but it doesn't make it any less sweet or inviting. The cliffhanger was one of intrigue and tense when Kara sees herself saving someone on the news. Bizarro is here!

Agent Carter Season 2 'Better Angels' review

Season Two continues to bring sharp humor, crisp fight scenes and dangerous opposition in the form of Whitney Frost. Better Angels sees the return of Jack Thompson who has decidedly let his ambition drive him to falsely claim that Peggy has agreed to have Dr Wilkes seen as a communist.

Thompson's return brought some interesting conflict between where Peggy is now and it seems like Jack has come to kind of boast about his position to Peggy because he couldn't get any answers from Dottie.

Peggy and Sousa delve deeper into the what 'social club' Senator Chadwick is a part of. With the return of Howard Stark, there is hilarity between himself and Peggy but also seeing his scientific expertise being made of use was a more fascinating aspect of his character.

As Peggy hopes to place some of Stark's gadgets within the mysterious organisation, it seems that it was all for nothing. However, there is definitely time for Peggy to ask Frost some questions about what happened at Isodyne.

Frost has a manipulative but friendly manner to her, her response to Peggy at meeting a famous movie star,"We're just like everyone else" seems her attempt to manipulate Peggy into respecting her and doubting whether she had any involvement.

This is proven when after an argument with Thompson, Peggy finds that she has been exposed to radiation as there are objects floating around her. After much experimentation by Howard and Jarvis, they manage to make Wilkes corporeal because his body was outside of the visible spectrum.

I found this revelation rather exciting and sweet when Peggy seemed so happy to see him again. There is this flirtatious, warm and sweet chemistry between these two. I think that because they share so many social and cultural anxieties that it makes them more entertaining to see them together because usually Peggy is so strong in every situation whereas when it comes to romance, we see a weakness.

More character developments occur when Frost is revealed to be the scientist behind Isodyne and asks her husband to have Peggy killed. A decision that she and her husband seem so calm and relaxed about doing that it makes me rather of afraid of the fact that they have no limitations to getting want they want.

However, when she accidentally kills her right-hand man, she looks genuinely shocked and terrified of what has happened which exposes even more reason as to what her moral spectrum is equated too.

Another humorous, exciting and bold episode from all involved.

Friday, 22 January 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 Premiere review

Season two of Agent Carter has returned and it is better than ever! The SSR most formidable Agent is back in a new adventure that sets to be more mischievous, daring and extremely dangerous.

It's 1947, the SSR have tracked down one Dottie Underwood who seems to still hold an obsession towards Miss Carter as she wears one of Peggy's signature hats. She was trying to steal from a vault when Peggy was there, shotgun in hand and ready for some serious kick-ass action.

Immediately, I felt like the series had moved as you're not even given time to breathe with the immense pacing. It made the introduction exhilarating  and really set the whole series to be one hell of a ride.

Jack Thompson (now Chief) cowardly sees that Peggy is driving the investigation and when he sees an opportunity to send Peggy away, he lets his ambition take over. I've always felt that Thompson is too selfish and even after he reveals that he killed surrendering soldiers during the war, he still took the credit for himself for Peggy's work- I don't really like him that much.

Visually, setting the story within another of America's location treasures is captivating; the period costumes, lighting and motors make these episodes sparkle and feel completely Noir and gradient.

Peggy and Sousa's relationship feels more tense when we realize that Sousa has been ignoring Peggy's call and the reason is that he's found someone new. It was quite a surprise but after seeing the chemistry between Peggy & Wilkes, I'm quite happy for Sousa to marry and move on from Peggy....... I just don't think he has yet.

The reason for Peggy flying out to L.A.- a women frozen in a lake during a heat wave. Completely in contrast to the threat that posed season one, I think this threat will certainly challenge the characters into new concepts of other life that the time period couldn't even conceive of.

The introduction to Whitney Frost & her husband- Calvin Chadwick was something of a mystery but witnessing the sexism that came with actresses of the time is really hard to watch but it makes her role into her villainous plans into strong motivation, especially since that Chadwick was found to be having an affair with one of the physicists working at Isodyne.

In terms of the new story arc for this season, I am incredibly excited for the idea of zero matter which looks oddly like what we have seen in Agents of Shield when Simmons was sucked through a portal.

Another gem to be commended is the duo between Peggy, Jarvis and Ana. She certainly was not what I presumed Mrs Jarvis to be but it's really refreshing to not have a wife that is constantly jealous of her husband having female friends. It's just a fact that they love and respect one another. 

That moment where Peggy and Jarvis spare is utterly comedic deliciousness; the bouncy dialogue and compromising position that they both find themselves in was so giggle some. They really are the best of Conrad's.

More so, I adored the sophisticated and heated scenes with Peggy & Wilkes as it's a partnership that feels unique and filled with humor and admiration for intelligence and bravery. 

A sad conclusion that leave us hanging as Frost and Wilkes seemingly get vaporized by the zero matter. I really wanted to give Peggy a hug. I was so thankful when I saw Whitney because it meant that Wilkes must be alive too! But there is a sinister scrape of the zero matter on Frost's forehead........

It is quite exciting to see a story featuring Peggy Carter and the concept of inter dimensions- it doesn't seem likely together but that is where the magic lies. A captivating, flirtatious, mischievous and rollicking blast for season two!

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Supergirl Episode 9 'Blood bonds' review

It's a New Year and Supergirl is back!
This series has grown extensively in terms of the story arc and Kara's character. Blood bonds continues with Supergirl engaging in a fight with Non which causes Supergirl to swim in self-doubt.
The effects were highly commendable as Supergirl and Non both boomed into the floor, cracking the concrete around them. A catalyst had been drawn as Hank is kidnapped by Non in exchange for Astra.
With Astra's previous encounters, I hadn't felt like her presence had much weight to her threat factor but here her character demonstrates great conflict in wanting and believing.
Supergirl always proves she is a more layered and conflicted hero as she sees herself in Astra. Even the heroes can't always make the right choice.
It was great to see Alex become Director for a somewhat brief moment as we've only really seen one side of her- Kara's reliable and skilled sister.
Another development which had me gripped was when Kara says that she feels helpless because she feels like she's lost everything. There are certainly more layers to this hero when we first thought.
Also, James and Winn's secret mission was a comedic story that ran parallel to a more complex and political one. It's a shame it was over quite quickly but cleverly it led to the reveal that Maxwell Lord is really quite brutal and sinister in his motivations, and incredibly arrogant!
Cat has been at the core of Kara's evolution and it was delightful and surprising that she told Kara to reveal herself as Supergirl or leave her job. I find their relationship fascinating as Cat seems to want to nurture Kara but then can be quite cold and brutal.
As Kara gains strength from the support of Winn and James, she makes the decision to give Non what he wants. This leads to an epic trap which horribly kills most of the men of the US army.
 It was a satisfying conclusion that Astra wouldn't abide to a truce with Supergirl replying, "It's a start". There is so much more to discover with these two.
Then we find that Maxwell Lord is planning something dangerous and quintessentially menacing as a young girl opens her eyes to reveal something evil and powerful!