Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 'Better Angels' review

Season Two continues to bring sharp humor, crisp fight scenes and dangerous opposition in the form of Whitney Frost. Better Angels sees the return of Jack Thompson who has decidedly let his ambition drive him to falsely claim that Peggy has agreed to have Dr Wilkes seen as a communist.

Thompson's return brought some interesting conflict between where Peggy is now and it seems like Jack has come to kind of boast about his position to Peggy because he couldn't get any answers from Dottie.

Peggy and Sousa delve deeper into the what 'social club' Senator Chadwick is a part of. With the return of Howard Stark, there is hilarity between himself and Peggy but also seeing his scientific expertise being made of use was a more fascinating aspect of his character.

As Peggy hopes to place some of Stark's gadgets within the mysterious organisation, it seems that it was all for nothing. However, there is definitely time for Peggy to ask Frost some questions about what happened at Isodyne.

Frost has a manipulative but friendly manner to her, her response to Peggy at meeting a famous movie star,"We're just like everyone else" seems her attempt to manipulate Peggy into respecting her and doubting whether she had any involvement.

This is proven when after an argument with Thompson, Peggy finds that she has been exposed to radiation as there are objects floating around her. After much experimentation by Howard and Jarvis, they manage to make Wilkes corporeal because his body was outside of the visible spectrum.

I found this revelation rather exciting and sweet when Peggy seemed so happy to see him again. There is this flirtatious, warm and sweet chemistry between these two. I think that because they share so many social and cultural anxieties that it makes them more entertaining to see them together because usually Peggy is so strong in every situation whereas when it comes to romance, we see a weakness.

More character developments occur when Frost is revealed to be the scientist behind Isodyne and asks her husband to have Peggy killed. A decision that she and her husband seem so calm and relaxed about doing that it makes me rather of afraid of the fact that they have no limitations to getting want they want.

However, when she accidentally kills her right-hand man, she looks genuinely shocked and terrified of what has happened which exposes even more reason as to what her moral spectrum is equated too.

Another humorous, exciting and bold episode from all involved.

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