Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Supergirl Season 1 'A Stranger from Another Planet' review

From last week's weird Toy theme, this episode gives the season far more weight and better dialogue. Kara and Winn are still feeling awkward around each other which shows the aftermath of a broken friendship.

Running parallel to this is Cat and her son-Adam. She finds that Kara wrote a letter to him so that they could meet each other. This weaves way for Kara to find another romantic interest that feels healthy and fresh.

Cat's scenes with her son were very strained but do show some moving interaction between the two. Even though Kara is an alien, she seems to have an amazing understanding of human emotion and intellect.

The new alien is a white Martian which was really grotesque and the description that Hank gives of how his family was killed added more power towards the threat it poses.

It seems that Hank's relationship has really grown into a paternal and strong team that needs each other to hold each other up when their existence becomes to much for them to cope with.

Adam asking Kara out in a date was obvious that he would from the start but it doesn't make it any less sweet or inviting. The cliffhanger was one of intrigue and tense when Kara sees herself saving someone on the news. Bizarro is here!

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