Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 'Atomic Bomb' review

This latest episode features great development for the supporting characters to flourish. Atomic Bomb manages to further the plot with some hysterical pieces of dialogue, a shocking near death experience and some fantastic conflict.

Peggy and Jason realise that when he has contact with zero matter, he becomes temporarily corporeal again. Peggy and Mr Jarvis decide to steal Jane Scott's body so they make him solid again, only to find that Whitney and her husband have beaten them to it.

The British duo's antics are rather hysterical with some wonderful expressions after they witness Whitney absorb all of the zero matter. There is also another delightful role-playing from Hayley Atwell who is brilliant at those American accents.

For Sousa, his relationship develops when he asks Violet to marry him and it is refreshing to know that Peggy is sincerely pleased for him. This is why the show continues to expand and grow because the writers are always showing new sides to the characters.

It was rather lovely to see Rose get to see some action as she is just as capable from any of SSR agents to take on a mission. She does so with gusto, attitude and loyalty. 

As the story mounts to a climax, Peggy and Whitney finally fight against each other and Peggy falls straight through a metal rod. An entirely unexpected turn of events, the emotional impact was quite overwhelming as I was frantically gasping for Peggy's life.

The event does give Sousa and Violet's relationship more context as she sees he is much more invested in Peggy then she realised but what was great was that Violet was more upset that he hadn't been honest with her, in no way did she feel jealous of Peggy.

Also, there were chances for Mr Jarvis to show his heroic and brave side which was much needed as it's always welcoming to see different aspects of a character. The slow motion walk has to be one of my favourite scenes of all.

A jolly fun ride with brilliant context, plot development and classic spy action that entertained me immensely and made me despair over Miss Carter. 

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