Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 "The Edge of Mystery" & "A Little Song and Dance" review

As the story arc is given more scintillating twists befitted with some delightful and scrumptious dialogue, Agent Carter succeeds in its rich film noir and takes great benefit from its characters.

We begin with Peggy planning to trade the uranium rods for Wilkes; it was a very tense moment and then he seems to have become quite 'desperate', as Sousa puts it and points a gun at her. I was genuinely shocked at how quickly Wilkes had been invaded by the zero matter.

As the tension mounts, Peggy insists that Jarvis stay with Ana but he doesn't listen and driven to extremes, shoots Whitney without a second thought. I loved how this conflict changed Peggy and Jarvis' friendship.

Jarvis admits his cowardice after Peggy enlightens him that he made a stupid mistake without thinking and that he doesn't have to suffer the pain of the losing a loved one. I admire Peggy's perspective on every situation that she find herself in.

The events allow Peggy and Sousa's relationship to be explored with some interesting subtext. Peggy is angry that Sousa divulged the rods location but when questioned if she could do let Sousa down, she couldn't answer him.

It felt strange that Wilkes was sucked into the zero matter and spat back out again. Why did he survive? Why was Wilkes the one to be 'chosen'? 

I enjoyed Whitney's evolution and her twisted view of sacrificing innocent people to get what she wants. Also, Peggy felt very lost and disconnected this time I think because the episodes were more focused on Whitney/Wilkes and Jack Thompson.

A Little Song and Dance's musical opener was so unexpected but delightfully vibrant and vintage. The sound and the choreography was adorable and I loved every minute. Everyone sung! I don't normally like musicals but I would be up for a full out Agent Carter musical.

However, I did feel that the second episode that there was too much focus on Thompson's ulterior motives as he seemed to be double-crossing everybody. I certainly hope that Peggy finds a way to stop him without resorting to murder.

I believe in Peggy and I trust that the writers will have a clever idea that brings the concluding part of the story back round to Peggy, who thoroughly deserves to be given the recognition that she has earned. Even though she won't require it or want it, that reason alone is why she should receive it.

I will now make up my own little boogie dance at how vibrant and unique this show is!

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