Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Supergirl Episode 13 'The girl who has everything' review

Supergirl tells a clever and emotional story that provides some intriguing and shocking choices for the characters.

After last week's cliffhanger, Alex, Win and Jimmy find Kara has a Black mercy attached to her body that is creating a fantasy world in her mind. She's back on Krypton with her  family and a young Superman!

It created some interesting context into whether Kara wishes she would want to go back to Krypton.

The supporting characters are allowed to show their loyalty to Kara and there were some funny moments between Hank acting as Kara with Cat. There was a lot of tension but definitely some interesting avenues to take their relationship.

Alex decides to dive into Kara's mind to persuade her to reject this dream world and it was one of the most powerful and emotional sequences. Kara feels completely torn between wanting this world to be real but Earth has become her home and it feels particularly poignant when she resonates with what her sister is telling her.

Melissa Benoist delivers a great performance as Supergirl once she wakes up and takes some vengeful purposes on Non. Her pain is clear and the betrayal and hurt she feels proves how lost and alone Kara feel.

A shocking twist prevails as Alex kills Astra to stop her from killing Hank. After her persuading Astra to not kill her, it didn't feel like this is something Alex would do but does provide context for her feelings for Hank.

The concluding scene is rather sweet and provides some satisfaction for Kara to at least have a family that loves her and will stand by her whatever it takes. It will be fascinating to see how the sister relationship will change once Kara finds out who really killed her Auntie.

A layered, strong piece that provides a lot of context for hidden feelings that the characters are beginning to show.

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