Thursday, 25 February 2016

Supergirl- Truth, Justice & the American Way review

This week's episode of Supergirl centres around Kara's moral compass. The show has wavered in its story arc and themes but I definitely feel that this episode includes a brilliant scene where James gives Kara an intervention about how Maxwell Lord deserves his basic human rights.

Kara also has to contend with a new assistant who I found selfish and really annoying but I've heard that she will be an opponent of Supergirl's later on so I hope that she takes down. 

I think that the writers need to start using Lucy more effectively as it seems that she only appears so she can argue with James.

The opponent was a really great villain as he felt more three-dimensional of than other villains and conflicted at killing the aliens because he admitted to respect Kara's dead mother on Krypton. 

Another strong element was Kara's conflict with Hank as it added a lot of subtext to what Supergirl would be like if she knew that it was her sister who killed her aunt.

I felt very satisfied with the conclusion as Kara has realized that she needs to become the symbol for what that 'S' means and show that her decisions are not always right .

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