Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Agent Carter Season 2 "Hollywood Ending" review

As season two comes to an end, the last episode brought much satisfaction, moving and exciting moments with a shocking cliffhanger.

I feel like another terrible void has entered my life again with the ending of this bright, unique, vibrant, intelligent and beautiful show.

The last episode neatly brings the story arc to a very satisfying conclusion as Howard, Wilkes and Samberly use the gamma cannon and X-rays to send the zero matter churning in Whitney Frost back where to where it came from.

I liked the teasing that came when Sousa quietly walked into the danger zone with the rest of the team backing him up. Even when everyone was safe and fine, I was almost looking out for something terrible to happen.

There was a lovely chemistry between all of the characters and in particular, the subtle conversation with Peggy and Thompson was refreshing and firmly grounded their relationship.

Also, I liked how Frost has now completely become insane as it's the only conclusion that could happen for her and I definitely saw her madness when she was imagining her dead husband who she never really cared much for when he was alive.

Jack Thompson's supposed death, although by the position of the blood and his body, I think he is surely dead. This was really shocking as I never fathomed that the file he had involving Peggy or could it be her brother- Michael, could be of importance to other dangerous people.

Surely, the writers have set this up for another series as there is so much yet to explore. Agent Carter is such a unique and precious show that deserves to continue telling Peggy's story because she is one of the most interesting and unique characters that we need more of on Television.

Please Marvel, bring Peggy back!

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