Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Agents of Shield "Inside Man" review

Inside Man reveals some new character exploration, great twists and a gruesome conclusion that was laced with a horror element.

There was a strong spy theme running throughout as Coulson and Talbot attended a conference with the intention of discussing the Inhumans in the most compassionate way possible. 

This episode had a great balance of  focused character development especially with Daisy and Lincoln who had opposing opinions on Kreel's blood being used as a cure for the Inhumans. I've never really found Lincoln that substantial within the show so I think this is the right direction for him.

Hive continues to be a rather menacing and creepy villain; possibly the best that Shield has seen. His creepy voice masks the limitless power he possesses. 

Additionally, I certainly thought the twist where Talbot is the inside man for Malick because his son has been kidnapped,  a thrilling result for the plot to lead into more tense moments.

There was also room for Hunter's character to be explored as May tells him he's never been an agent and they're not friends was a rather great addition to the story. I think that the story is also about Hunter's lack of trust when Kreel is added to the team. It's entirely justifiable and I think his role in Shield is tested.

The truly disgusting and horrific conclusion was absolutely grotesque as Hive knelt in the centre of the five skeletons that he had killed or eaten, his whole body lathered in their bodily juice.

Inside Man was a spy thriller with twists, exploration for the Daisy and Lincoln and a deliciously disturbing scene for this season's villain.

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