Saturday, 26 March 2016

Agents of Shield 'Parting Shot' review

Bobbi & Hunter are given a surprising exit that felt surprising but right for their characters. Parting Shot feels like a self-contained spy thriller that focuses on Hunter and Bobbi's role within Shield.

It was satisfying to see an episode that centres around two departing characters who have given their energy, humour and conflict to overall story arcs. I really loved how the story was structured, both are interrogated about murders on Russian officials and from then we see how they came to be in that situation.

With each new piece of information about the mission, the tension grows. Hunter is thought to be the one who committed the murders and almost executed. Bobbi's reaction to this highlighted her hidden feelings for Hunter and how strong they are.

The rest of the team felt a bit sidelined but when they do feature, they assemble and I felt a strong sense of how tight and invested they are in protecting those in danger.

There was a new Inhuman with a very unique and cool power- he is able to manipulate a dark force and control it. This makes him unstoppable but Bobbie realizes that if she can immobilize the physical body then he can be temporarily stopped.

Bobbi's sacrifice to save Hunter is rewarded with a fate that they can only protect their friends and Shield  by disavowing themselves. This is a very admirable act from them and the closing scene was very emotional. It seemed strange to me because I've never felt that connected to their characters but somehow they've just always been there and subconsciously I think I'll miss their presence.

Parting Shot was tense, brilliantly structured, adventurous and a tribute to two Shield members who can finally have the vacation they deserve.

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