Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Agents of Shield Season 3 "Watchdogs" review

Watchdogs provides character development for Mac, Daisy and Simmons as a terrorist organisation- Watchdogs rises from the web to declare war against the Inhumans. 

Hearing about the Watchdogs in previous episodes, finally getting to see the damage and hatred they have spread throughout the world was really gripping and frightening. What strikes me as odd is that this group are clearly fighting against a group of super powered people who they don't know much about.

They're obviously afraid but too ignorant to actually learn about them and their powers. This leads to frustration for Daisy as takes on her own mission to find out where the group hangs out. I could understand her rebellious nature to take down the leader of the group but isn't she kind of proving the group right when she threatens one of them with her powers?

Also, I think it would engaging to see Mac and Daisy disagree about the group and bringing Fitz into her not so great plan was another worthy thread to the team seeing how the powers can manipulate a person and how they carry out missions.

Another part of the episode which was very tense and complex was Simmons telling May that she feels guilty for what Andrew has done. This allows us to see that Simmons is still dealing with a lot of negative emotions. I liked seeing these two work together to find Andrew and seeing that May has been trying to find Andrew is an interesting sub-text for her own guilt.

The story focused on the relationship between Mac and his brother and how Shield interferes with the agents personal lives and doesn't allow them to recuperate. I found his brother interesting who clearly wants to see more of his sibling and is also scared of the Inhumans.

What is more grounded though is that his worries relate to more common problems of mortgage repayments which in the world of Marvel is a rather unseen dilemma for a character.

Additionally, I think this episode tested the flaws of Daisy and when she doesn't think about her actions but bringing the people who don't agree with the Inhumans to justice, she endangers other members of the team and ignores Coulson's orders.

I actually warmed to Lincoln this episode as he actually proved he could be a valuable agent and that working together with Shield is actually a better decision than just tagging along because Daisy works for them.

A grounded, tense and entertaining episode with lots of development for the characters, showing both their strengths and weaknesses.

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