Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Supergirl "Falling" review

 Often heroes are portrayed as the light and goodness of humanity, but in this episode we see that heroes cannot be those role models without them accepting their weaker characteristics and doing the most human action known-making mistakes.

Supergirl's role and impact in National City is summarized in the introduction which makes the result of the story ever more devastating. Kara saves a fireman but is exposed to Red Kryptonite which exposes her darkest thoughts and desires.

Melissa Benoist has done a fabulous job of giving this side to Kara a malicious and selfishness with great skill and her range of emotion and truth was engaging and exciting. I thoroughly loved seeing Kara in this unpredictable and rebellious persona especially when she revealed to James how she feels about Lucy and her confrontation with Alex. These were tense and thrilling scenes.

The story was tense and fast-paced with supporting characters who brought out some great dialogue from Supergirl. In particular, I loved the line, "Do you wanna know what real powerful is"? that Supergirl puts to Cat before she is thrown forty-feet of a building.

Also, the most fractured of relationships that is damaged by Kara in this episode is when Hank reveals his true form and decides to surrender to the DEO instead of running. It was a very sweet moment when he said that he would spent a thousand years in a cell if it meant Alex and Kara were safe.

I found it very hard to watch Cat inform the city that Supergirl was a danger to everyone and unstable. It just meant that all of the wonderful acts that she had done at the start of the episode had been destroyed.

However, I was really impressed with how far they took Kara's actions and I think that these events will greatly make Supergirl even more inspiring because the people of National City need to realize that yes, Supergirl may be a superhero but she's also a part of human society and she has flaws and weaknesses just like everyone does.

Falling was a tense, thrilling, and emotionally driven episode. 

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