Saturday, 26 March 2016

Supergirl "Manhunter" review

Manhunter is an examination of the characters pasts and a secret is revealed that takes Alex on a new path.

Following on from the consequences of Supergirl's actions, the city still is wary of her mental state. However, the episode allows Supergirl to take a step back and allow other characters to be explored further.

Here is a flashback episode where Hank is interrogated about the real head of the DEO and what happened to him. We uncover that he formed a bond with Mr Danvers and this is where we see how he comes to learn about Alex and Kara.

The real Hank was quite simply a militaristic, narrow-minded soldier who believed that protecting his country meant eradicating aliens, whether they were a threat or not.

I really enjoyed getting to see some of Alex's backstory and was surprised how different she was three years ago. She was quite rebellious and seemed to be lost, forever feeling swept up in her sisters shadow.

I think it was vital that she was given weaknesses to her character and allowed her to vulnerable and jealous of Kara's powers.

Kara's interview with Cat was really cool to see as it introduced Kara to Winn and seeing the foundations of their friendship forming was rather sweet. It relates to Kara's indecision about whether she should use her powers or start to believe that she should live as a human.

The story converges on Alex and Hank being saved by Kara and Lucy, Hank revealing that Mr Danvers is still alive, thrusting Alex onto a new mission. The fact that she is now a fugitive will bring some exciting events for Supergirl in the future. How will this affect her ability to protect the city without the support of her sister?

I'm glad that Siobhan has finally discovered her powers and turning into the Silver Banshee because now Supergirl will finally be able to take her down. I've found her to an annoying, selfish and lazy character who acts like a child, hurting anyone who doesn't give her what she wants.

A really enjoyable, entertaining episode with revelations about the characters that were complex and interesting.

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