Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Supergirl "Solitude" review

Supergirl's Solitude had some strong and touching moments but the villain felt flat and lifeless.

This episode focused on the revelation that Alex makes to Kara for killing Astra but in a moving twist, Kara gives her a hug, forgiving her and even holding Hank's hand in gesture for their strength in teamwork.

The villain of this week- Brainiac visually look cool and alien like but I felt her to be quite flat and lifeless in her characterization as the fact that she could be taken down by a simple computer virus didn't exactly promote he strength.

I still didn't like the relationship between Olsen and Lucy to be really boring as their characters feel really two dimensional and I did't want to invest time on them. However, it did open up an opportunity for Kara and Olsen to get together but I don't really think they should because I don't think it would work out.

Also, it was interesting to see Siobhan's manipulation of Winn to be a good sideline plot that could affect Kara in the future. Although I do think that Winn has kind of disrespected Kara by becoming intimately involved with Siobhan as she was so malicious towards Kara.

But I do look forward to the next episode with the appearance of Silver Banshee who looks seriously cool with her skeletal features.

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