Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Agents of Shield Season 3 "The Singularity" review

The Singularity is already another one of my favorites as Daisy's thrall is actually more complex than originally thought. She's biologically addicted to Hive because of the amount of Dopamine (which is a happy chemical in the brain) that Hive's infection has given her.

I found this development very compelling and refreshing to see rather than her stereo typically just being controlled and forced to take destructive action. Daisy still seems to be herself but is so consumed with having a family and being happy that she almost kills Fitz!

Also, the episode allowed some hidden conflict between Coulson and May to rise to the surface as May feels like he can make everyone else take the shot but views himself as clean. It was great to see May actually show a little emotion; we got a smile and I saw her eyes fill up with tears when she admitted she cares for Daisy.

Lincoln had an effective role as well as he almost killed an Inhuman when his rage nearly overloaded. I think Daisy is definitely his weakness seeing how much he needs her to keep stable.

I loved that Fitz and Simmons got their own mission to try and track down the one scientist that could find a cure for Daisy. Their relationship is so adorable, truthful and sweet and it felt a nice subplot to have running alongside the chaos and destruction. This was probably a signal that something terrible will happen..... again.

So now Hive has a cool looking Kree experiment contraption that will ultimately turn humankind into Inhumans. What I like about Hive is that he's always so calm and relaxed like he's so confident that he doesn't need to rush.

The threat is really starting to boil now to a point where I honestly don't know how the team can stop Hive. They haven't got the scientist to cure Daisy and they have no idea about the Kree technology.

Hopefully, they can retrieve the scientist.... somehow, but not without a sacrifice.

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