Friday, 22 April 2016

Supergirl 'Better Angels' review

The last episode of Supergirl explores her relationships with family but bluntly deals with the villain of the season. But I think that this was intentional as the season wanted to focus more of how Supergirl deals with these threats with the help of her human family.

I really liked the beginning where Alex reverts back to herself with the some wise words  from her mother. It emphasizes how important family is to the show and how powerful they can be. The resolution to Myriad was done with grace and science as Supergirl pleaded to her friends and the citizens of National City with hope and strength.

It was even more exciting to see that Myriad was amplifying a signal that will cause everyone's brains to explode. The enormous danger surrounding the situation was made clear as Kara made subtle goodbyes to her loved ones.

The battle between Supergirl and Non finished too soon but was pretty epic in the short amount of time. I felt really proud of Supergirl when she lifted the ship that contained Myriad into space, with no doubt for own survival.

She has developed a great deal in this season and her strength, bravery, kindness and determination was presented in fine form. I honestly didn't see a way back for her but then the pod she traveled in was driven by Alex.

The relationship of these two sisters has been such a focus for the whole story arc and it was very fulfilling to see them back together.  

It was really special and moving to see Kara among her family and her and James in a contended place..... for now.

But there was a surprise when an identical pod to Kara's crashes to Earth, Supergirl opens it and utters, 'O my god'...........  I wander who it could be?

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