Friday, 15 April 2016

Supergirl 'Myriad' review

Myriad succeeds in setting up the last episode with Non's plan revealed- save the Earth from the Humans by making them zombies who can't think for themselves.

Supergirl has to try and find a way to stop Myriad but of course there is no easy way to achieve a positive solution. I think this episode manages to portray the unimaginable decisions that Kara has to make in this situation.

There were definitely some great realism aspects to how the episode was structured. Supergirl doesn't know whether to agree to Maxwell Lord's plan because she can't think of another way to resolve the situation but she doesn't want to make the same mistake her mother did.

One of the highlights was the conversation between Supergirl and Cat about what Supergirl means to her and that hope is more powerful than fear was a moving addition to the story. But Cat has to know that Supergirl is Kara, right? Surely, being that close to Supergirl has to show correlation to Kara's personality?

In addition, I think James and Winn jumping to their deaths was a really shocking twist and I definitely felt like it brought some real danger and unpredictability to Non's power. The loss of one of Cat's workers was quite powerful in showing how helpless Supergirl was in that she can't save everyone.

However, I don't feel like Myriad has brought the ambition and almighty force that I expected but I was glad to see Alex and J'honn again which led to a surprising cliffhanger as Non fitted Alex with a Kryptonian suit to send into battle against her sister.

Supergirl was certainly faced with some challenges in this episode as her loss of hope and fear making the ultimate fate of the world unknown. An entertaining, dramatic, tense and powerful lead up the the last episode.

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