Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Agents of Shield 'Failed Experiments' review

As we gear up for the two hour finale, Failed Experiments reveals Hive's plan to turn humans into Inhumans and we finally see the Kree make their way to Earth. 

I really liked seeing how Hive became an Inhuman and that they shows how the whole Inhuman history began, all those generations ago.

Firstly, I felt like Lincoln volunteering to be a host for the possible cure was just something to give his character something to do as I can't see him becoming a committed Shield agent after this season.

I did think that the explanation in the lab scenes with Radcliff went on for too long and didn't add much to the story.

He doesn't seem like he has much depth to him as his whole existence seems to be revolving around Daisy and there's no proof that he even loves her.

Additionally, I'm still very much compelled with how Daisy is evolving under Hive's infection. There is a complex notion to her character now as she wants to make her team mates understand by making them Inhumans.

I liked that there was a slice of comedy with May going undercover when trying to get information from Annihilation. I think using Mack as a catalyst to show that Daisy cannot be helped but needs to be stopped. I couldn't believe she was actually going to kill Mack!

The Kree reapers were an impressive addition and it really cemented the connection between this universe and the films. Their alien technology looked really cool. 

I completely forgot that Daisy had Kree blood running through her and I thought this was a solid end to the episode. 

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