Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Agents of Shield Season 3 Emancipation review

It takes a lot of dedication and hard work to collectively bring the whole season to a tipping point, with a great twist and some old snippets from old episodes, making a prominent figure in the conclusion of this episode.

Hive's plan falls into place as Daisy is drained of blood. General Talbot gets a better understanding of what is actually happening with Hive as well as his persuasive action for the Inhumans to register, being a significant asset to the episode.

Daisy continued to lie in order to do Hive's will as she tricks Lincoln into coming to her. However, a sneaky plan was in operation as Lincoln that escaped is revealed to be Lash.

Lincoln believed that Lash was meant to kill Hive but in actual fact, he was meant to save Daisy by removing the infectious parasites from her brain. There was certainly a feeling of disappointment that Lash died, but the emotional impact just wasn't there.

I think there was a lot of mini fights going on which I think prevented this episode from feeling tense or gripping. The energy felt quite weak and after a while, I did find Talbot to be quite annoying as he kept on rubbing his head and his naivety made the pace feel slow.

However, I enjoyed seeing Hive's experiment take a new turn as the Watchdogs were turned into primitive Inhumans. Ratcliff is becoming a bit of a sour character too. Just stick up for yourself!

The resolution was enticing as Fitz revealed that Hive could turn a large population of the human race into the primitive Inhumans. I forgot about the warhead that he had collected earlier in the season, so it was nice to see those threads tied up.

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