Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Supergirl Season 2 'Survivors' Review

Dealing with last week's revelation that Hank wasn't the only Green Martian to survive, the themes of 'Survivors', explores the nobility of a surviving member of a species feeling guilt over their continued existence.

As Kara must deal with her antagonistic and hard to please boss, Supergirl is given a greater challenge in combating the villain of the week- Roulette, a seductive and sadistic lover of chaos who believes she gives aliens a purpose, in which to provide entertainment for the rich and diabolical.

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Ultimately, Roulette isn't a three dimensional antagonist and so it's hard to find her role in the narrative compelling. The show still needs to develop their villains as well as their protagonists. However, her presence does provide some conflict with Supergirl.

The strengths of the episode lie with the character dynamics between Alex and Maggie, who have already begun to put their new partnership into action with effective fight scenes and endearing moments, especially when they both compliment each other before entering the alien fight club. 

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Their relationship is funny, adorable and conflict driven, especially when Alex asked Maggie for a drink, but is then interrupted by Maggie's girlfriend. I hope the progression of their relationship is rich and unpredictable as Alex deserves to have some happiness and an actual life outside of the DEO.

Likewise, Mon-el and Winn's pedantic escapades were greatly comedic and the direction of fast moving camera angles and split screen shots were really effective in injecting the story with some light humour.

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It was strange that Hank was so forceful towards Megan bonding with him, because he'd only just met her but was acting like they were close friends. Also, their conflicting outcomes was great a building the tension, particularly as they fought one another.

The cliffhanger was suspenseful, surprising and clever as Megan in fact turned to be a White Martian, morphing herself to look like a Green Martian, which explains why she doesn't want to create the psychic bond with Hank.

This episode lacked a worthy and thrilling villain but the conflict between Hank and Megan was interesting enough to hold the story together, and the dynamics between Alex and Maggie, Winn and Mon-El, are becoming the highlights of the season.

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