Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Supergirl Season 2 'Mr & Mrs Mxyzptlk' Review

Love is in the air in this week's episode of Supergirl, where Kara meets fifth dimensional being Mxyzptlk, who spontaneously appears declaring his love with red roses and quartet galore. 

It was refreshing to have an episode based entirely around the character's emotions and relationships. Kara and Mon-El's turbulent conflict and complex coming together was played really well by Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood.

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 More interestingly, Maggie's reasons for not liking Valentine's Day was really fascinating, her bad experience with her parents opened up more opportunity to learn more about her character.

Alex/Maggie's relationship is wonderfully raw and unpredictable but there is an underlying respect and love that is undeniably adorable.  Winn's abrupt relationship with alien Lyra was another welcome addition, as politcally and socially it reflects society's transgression of other races.

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Additionally, the comedy elements were rather silly but served their purpose of providing light entertainment as Mxyzptlk kept clicking his fingers, desperately trying to make Kara his wife. 

The straightforward resolution didn't detract from the more layered character moments as it was nice to have the villian defeated rather efficiently.  Maggie giving Alex the Valentine's Day she always wanted was so heartwarming and strengthened their relationship further. 

 Even though it was great to see Kara and Mon-El finally admit their feelings, it began the long road of seeing how it will end, Mon-El is already hiding the fact that the aliens they encountered a few weeks back spared his life and he seems to be very important to some killer aliens. 

Overall, Valentine's Day provided some sweet and complex relationship developments, warming the heart and providing some laughs along the way.

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