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Supergirl Season 2 'We Can Be Heroes' Review

We Can Be Heroes plays with Mon-El and Kara's relationship as she reunites with her nemesis- Lvewire. 

This episode made me feeling relieved and surprised at Supergirl's reaction to James being Guardian. Happening by chance, it's understandable that Kara would be angry that her friends had kept this secret from her, but it doesn't explain why she would be so dismissive of Jame's justification for wanting to be Guardian.

We Can Be Heroes

Supergirl seems to think she has a right to tell James that he cannot be a superhero, while training Mon-El who only feels like he wants to become a superhero so he can work with Kara and gain recognition from her.

It is clear that Kara is worried about James being killed but de-valuing his motivations for wanting to be a hero doesn't feel like an action she would take. 

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Elsewhere, with Kara thinking Livewire had escaped, when in fact she was kidnapped,  this was a clever twist which was entertaining and compelling because you're left debating how Livewire's imprisonment has changed her psychological condition.

Another successful aspect to the episode was the gradual evolution of Kara's and Mon-El's relationship. Kara's frustration that Mon-El wouldn't admit his true intentions for becoming a superhero was an interesting development to their partnership because it provided texture to the complications of their dynamic.

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J'onn's complex relationship with M'gann produced a moving and uplifting dynamic to the narrative because the themes of forgiveness and the chaos of war featured heavily within J'onn's solution to accepting what happened to his people, and his commitment to forging a friendship with M'gann was indeed honorable and noble.

The visual aesthetic of M'gann's psychological attack was an intelligent technique to use to project the expansion of her memories and her internal torment, this was a great way to engage more effectively with her character.

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There were many strong elements to the episode; Mon-El's development, Kara/James confrontation and J'onn/M'gann psychic bond which beautifully explored the history of two aliens who have suffered greatly.

With gripping action scenes and engaging drama between Kara and her friends, We Can Be Heroes delivers on atmosphere, drama and action but fails to justify Supergirl's lack of empathy for James as Guardian.

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