Friday, 3 March 2017

Supergirl Season 2 'Homecoming' Review

The Danvers sisterhood is jeopardised when their father, Jeremiah, is found after Supergirl apprehends a Catmus transportation truck. The likelihood of Jeremiah being found after fifteen years of absense is at a low probability, which the episode addresses as Mon-El remains highly suspicious of his return. 

This allows for Mon-El and Kara's relationship to be further explored as his suspicion escalates at the Danvers homecoming gathering. Clearly, Mon-El has a long way to becoming the person he wishes he could be but his struggle is what makes him an interesting character. The conflict between his selfishness and heroism is a juxtaposing dilemma for his character to contend with.

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Besides the turbulent reunion, it did give Alex a chance to introduce Maggie to her father that was a truthful scene of reflection for Alex to connect with her father again after such a long time apart. 

Unsurprisingly, Mon-El's suspicions are proved correct but the discourse behind Jeremiah's motivations are left unclear which provides great psychological drama between Kara's doubt and Alex's trust. Chyler Leigh and Dean Cain performed a beautiful and tragic scene in the woods as Alex points a gun at her fleeing father. 

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Embedded within the episode was a fractured sense of vulnerability and loneliness felt by those betrayed. Catmus's presence didn't feel powerful in the threat they posed but this was probably because they weren't the focus here. 

Homecoming really tears at the core of the Danvers family; their disconnection from each other is both compelling and terrifying as this could be their greatest weakness. The family orientated drama was moving and complicated, providing some quality character moments.

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