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Doctor Who 'The Pilot' Review

After sixteen months since series nine, Doctor Who finally returned with The Pilot, its title being one that would let new audience members know that this is where they could start their journey as a viewer/fan.

Even though I've been an obsessed fan since I was nine-years-old, I still felt like I was watching the show for the first time because even though I know about the mythology and what came before, the show has completely rejuvenated itself, much like the Doctor himself. 

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As Bill encountered the Doctor for the first time, there was a clear difference to their relationship. One that factors into the Doctor wanting to guide and teach Bill about the universe and show her her own potential. 

The set up of Bill's life was shot beautifully; the cutting between the Doctor explaining the TARDIS anagram interceding with Bill locking eyes with a girl she likes was really cool. Writer Steven Moffat has done a fantastic job creating Bill. She has a youthful cheekiness and sincerity to her which makes her feel real and relatable. 

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The plot was very imaginative and explored the idea of reflections and something being on the other side of it. However, I felt the motivation of the alien threat wasn't explained which made their role feel less threatening than they could have been.

But having said that, there were some creepy moments, when the creature inhabiting Bill's love interest Heather's body, the constant dripping made me wonder if they were connected to The Flood, last seen in The Waters of Mars. 

The scene where Bill returned home and realised it wasn't her foster mum that was having a shower was atmospheric and effectively creepy and tense. Bill's reaction really added to the surreal moment when she sees an eye looking back at her from the plug hole.  

Whatever life forms they may be, it's possible we'll see them again in the future. Another aspect of the plot which left me unsure was The Doctor travelling to Australia, then to a planet in the far future and into the midst of a Dalek War. I presumed he was testing if the creature would follow him across time as well as space. I think it's a positive thing that the audience can be confused yet engaged and interested enough to analysis the story further. 

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The script was fast, witty, emotional and explored new ways of introducing Bill as the companion. Bill and Heather's separation was tragic yet beautiful in the sense that the alien who killed Heather had latched onto the emotional connection Heather felt towards Bill, almost like it was something new that it wanted to hold onto. 

Seeing Bill take her first step into the TARDIS was moving and funny as she compared the console room to a 'posh kitchen.' The glee and wonder in her eyes were clear, allowing fans new and old to rejoice in the beginning of the show's magic all over again. 

The Pilot succeeded in introducing Bill to the Doctor's world and gave a clear sense of who she is and how she's going to test the Doctor through their travels together. The alien threat didn't feel like much of a threat but did give the episode some intense and scary moments. The raw emotional beats were engrossing and the music certainly uplifted the atmosphere and wonder of the episode.

Rating: 9/10

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