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Doctor Who 'The Pyramid at the End of the World' Review

As Bill's date with Penny is interrupted (again) by the secretary of the UN, The Doctor is brought to a 5000 year old pyramid that wasn't there yesterday. The Monks are ready to take the Earth, but first they need our consent...

The second chapter to the 'Monk trilogy' is an aesthetically grand and politically tense story as the Doctor wages a debate with the Monks and the three leaders of the most powerful armies in the world.

Factoring the Doctor's blindness into the plot, this vulnerability gives him an idea to blind the Monks so they can't view one of the many human weaknesses that will ultimately cause the end of the world. Their unusual and rule abiding reason for taking the Earth, only when humanity asks for it, is an original twist on a well-worn invasion concept.

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The biochemical plot thread that runs alongside the Doctor's shenanigans with the Monks grows in importance as the story progresses. Writers Steven Moffat and Peter Harness have created a reverse logic to the Monks as they watch humanity's weakness, so that they can be asked to save them.

The Doctor's lack of explanation at how the bacteria kills the human body was thrown away far too easily. It almost made the cause of the end of the world rather silly when the Doctor described the bacteria turning people into 'gloop'. 

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But, this small misshap didn't even register once the episode reached its cliff-hanger. At the crucial moment when the Doctor needs to be at his full strength he isn't and makes a mistake by telling Bill he's blind.

His honesty is gallant but motivates Bill into giving her consent to the Monks so they can take the reigns of Earth. Even though Bill has shown great admiration and care for the Doctor, here she demonstrates complete faith in the Doctor that he will be able to bring her world back. This development shows how far their friendship has come; almost reminiscent of a granddaughter making a huge sacrifice to save her grandfather. 

The Pyramid at the End of the World is tense, gripping and unusual in how the Monks conquer Earth. The Doctor's personal struggle and Bill's sacrifice was shocking and moving. This episode only adds to the stack of amazing and brilliant stories this series has produced.

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