Thursday, 4 May 2017

Supergirl Season 2 'Alex' Review

Alex is the focus of this episode as she is kidnapped by an old classmate who wants Supergirl to release his father from prison. The plot allows Maggie and Kara's relationship to take precedence over how they deal with her kidnapping. 

It's a straightforward set-up and the kidnapper has a strong enough motivation for wanting his father to be released from prison- he was the one who saved him from his abusive mother. 

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The themes of this episode follow a more powerful and darker route as the compelling nature centres around the emotional connection Alex has with Kara and Maggie. Their differing methods to getting her back offers some fascinating insight into how their characters differ.

Chyler Leigh performs with resourcefulness, strength, and versatility as she fights against the rising water in the tank she's being held in. She proves what an adaptable and intelligent character Alex is. 

The kidnapper's preparation didn't provide enough weight as there were some unanswered questions about how he could resist Jonn's mind reading abilities and he couldn't have found a place to take Alex that his father wouldn't know about. 

But, there were some powerful moments between Maggie/Alex when she believes this may be the last time she gets to speak to her. Another is the discussion between Maggie and Kara where Maggie brings to Kara's attention that she thinks she has more say over Alex than she does.

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Supergirl and Maggie's choices are reversed towards the end of the episode, showing how their methods have influenced one another. The conclusion comes together quickly but the reunion between Alex, Maggie and Kara is nevertheless emotionally moving.

Elsewhere, Lena becomes a pawn for Rhea's plans to open a portal that will allow her to return home and possibly bring Daxamites to Earth. Rhea has enough charm and demeanor to keep us intrigued about her plans. 

This episode sees a huge stride in Alex and Maggie's relationship and produces positive developments in Kara's friendship with Maggie. The tension and change in dynamics were gripping and exciting. 

However, with the season finale approaching it's still unclear what the ultimate threat will be that Supergirl and the rest of the team have to face. But that in no way diminishes the strength of what this episode has to offer- hope, love, family and strength.


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