Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Supergirl Season 2 'City of Lost Children' Review

As a telepathic alien mother is taken over due to the energy of Lena's operational portal, James forms a bond with the mother's son, as he attempts to help the DEO find her before her powers grow.

But as Lena continues to work on the transportation portal, she is unaware of Rhea's plan to transport surviving Daxamites to Earth, hailing it 'New Daxam.' Supergirl's role lingers in the minority as the focus shifts towards James continuing to develop his hero complex.

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Unfortunately, James's storyline continues to fail to engage or invest any valuable development that is liable or truthful. There is simply no justification for him suddenly forming this unique bond with the alien boy. 

The connections to his father feel forced and don't inhabit emotional value to keep the audience invested in his development. This causes the episode to suffer greatly in terms of character development.

However, Lena's partnership with Rhea is far richer in emotional drama and complexity. Even though Rhea's plan are hideous and horrifying, her admiration for Lena is clearly genuine which emphasises her devotion to her people.

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Mon-El's emotional connection with his mother is another stronger moment which becomes the platform for Rhea's lies about her husband's death to fall upon Mon-El with as much twisted anguish as you'd expect.

The climatic scene of the Daxamite spaceships hurtling above Earth's atmosphere added excitement and an epicness to the threat Supergirl has against her. At this point, the crux of the season finale are becoming clear. Rhea is definitely a charming and lethal antagonist but it's the relationships Lena has formed with Supergirl and her that are the most anticipated elements of the finale.


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