Friday, 28 July 2017

Doctor Who- The Fan Show: LGBTQ in the World of Doctor Who

The Doctor Who Fan Show held a discussion with fans Benjamin Cook (writer & youtuber), Bethany Black (writer, actor & comedian), Alex a.k.a Torchwood Boy (Youtuber) and Doctor Who's first director Waris Hussein to discuss LGBTQ representation, the importance of Doctor Who reflecting society and Torchwood being an educational platform.


Wednesday, 26 July 2017

SDCC Dark Horse The Legend of Korra Panel 2017

It's been two years since the incredible The Legend of Korra series ended but Dark Horse is continuing the series with a brand new comic story- Turf Wars! Below you can see artist Irene Koh, actor Janet Varney (Korra) and writer Michael Dante DiMartino talk about the series and how it's been adapted for the comic world! 


SDCC Doctor Who Panel 2017

The Doctor Who cast and writers Steven Moffat & Mark Gatiss were at San Diego Comic Con on Sunday and here you can watch the full panel. Expect humour, emotional speeches, fan debates and a standing ovation!

Sunday, 23 July 2017

Supergirl Panel SDCC 2017

A fan of Supergirl? Join the cast at San Diego Comic Con where they talk season 3, character development and what's to come on October 9th!


The Defenders Panel SDCC 2017

The Defenders cast were at San Diego Comic Con this weekend and here you can catch the full panel!


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Spider-Man: Homecoming Review

Marvel's latest remake of the beloved Spider-Man takes a difference approach with the youngest Spider-Man, Tom Holland, as he struggles to balance his life as a teenager and his neighbourhood's local hero. 

The aftermath of the last few Avengers films is what brings us straight into Michael Keaton's Vulture setup; laying the foundations as to why he becomes Spider-Man's adversary. His motivation is relevant and believable making his character more flawed and human.

The tone of the film feels similar to the early days of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Peter's warm and youthful character is delightful and refreshing. Tom Holland brings warmth, sincerity, mischief and truth to the role. 

Marvel have stripped Spider-Man's story down to the richest and most important aspects of his journey. The relability of Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man is his believability that any fifteen year old could lead a life of danger and excitement. 

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Writers Jonathan Goldstein & John Francis Daley have given the Spider-Man franchise a unique voice that is witty, gripping and playful. The sincerity of the script is valuably important to the quality of the plot. 

Spider-Man and Vulture's conflict feels organic and original in terms of what they both want. Peter is clinging onto the life as Spider-Man; his lack of faith and belief in himself works effectively against Vulture whose faith in providing for his family leads him to make immoral choices.

Director Jon Watts gives the film a bright and stylish aesthetic, as well as, catering to the roughness of the New York streets and back alleys. The perceptive angles of Spider-Man's movements are dynamic and exciting. 

More so, the friendship between Peter and his best friend, Ned make for great character focus. They realistically portray two loyal friends who not only love one another but are comfortable and familiar that they can respectfully disagree with the other's choices. 

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The film gives attention to Peter's social life with humour and spirit whilst allowing Spider-Man to show vulnerability as he pushes himself out from under huge chunks of concrete; a vital tool in proving that Peter has to work out who he is as a person and not to rely on his life as Spider-Man to be all he is. 

The concluding action scene is both exhilariating and emotionally powerful as Peter makes the courageous choice to save Vulture from an explosive death.

Tom Holland beautifully portrays Peter Parker with youthful spirit, playfulness, warmth, recklessness and mischief. The supporting actors bring their own unique energy to the story and each is as diverse and original as they should be. 

The script is full of jokes, compassion, humility, action and adventure that is thrilling, funny and provides a moral development for Spider-Man; showcasing why he is one of the best heroes Marvel has ever created.

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Doctor Who 'The Doctor Falls' Review

Are you OK? Are you like me- a puddle of emotion and joy? I hope so. With the Master and Missy taunting the Doctor about their false victory, The Doctor does what he does best, he uses his wit, intelligence and kindness to do the best he can to save the children on floor 507 from becoming Cybermen. With Bill now a Cyberman and the Cybermen advancing, The Doctor's last days see him at his most heroic and noble.

The Doctor's heroic acts felt far more rich and powerful seeing as this was the 12th Doctor's last series finale.  Peter Capaldi's performance was stunningly poignant and immensely moving. You can see every regeneration, every death, every regret and mistake spread across those eyebrows.

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Similarly, Michelle Gomez and John Simm were devishly deviant and ruthlessly disturbing in how they transfered their cruelty through such malicious ways. The Master's evolution has sparkled with divine truthfulness in this series as Missy has connected with her empathic consciousness. 

John Simm has equally excelled at his version of the Master; there's a sense that his insanity has matured somewhat but that awareness has made him just as cruel in his nature. He's all the more horrifying. 

Their chemistry is tantalisingly mischievious and they revelled in their own falsity at their glorified belief that winning is the ultimate victory. The Doctor's speech about the hardships of his values and motivation for saving people was superbly executed by Peter Capaldi, and undeniably reinvigorated my love and passion for the Doctor Who consciousness. 

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Bill's predicament was beautifully visualised by Director Rachel Talalay; the switch between Human Bill and Cyber Bill was lavish and stylishly angled. Pearl Mackie's performance was dynamically emotional and fuelled with heart and fine artistry. 

The Cybermen's story has been one of the strongest this series, in particular, the Mondasian Cybermen's mythology and unnerving material aesthetic have added to the unique imagination the series pumps through its creative veins.

Heather's return was an unexpected but nice touch to the completion of Bill's story for this series. The symbolic science that her consciousness lives on regardless of her material body was a perfect tactic in aligning humanity's path to it's spiritual soul. 
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Writer Steven Moffat has produced a psychologically thrilling and powerful adventure that showcases everyone's artistic skill and ingenuity. The Mondasian Cybermen have certainly earned their right at one of the most captivating and horrifying versions of the Doctor's iconic enemies. 

The radiant imagery, passionate performances, gripping character arcs and blissfully golden musical score from Murray Gold makes The Doctor Falls one of the most emotionally twisting, decadently deadly and moving finale episodes the revived series has ever seen.