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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Bleeding Crown' Review

Episode Five 'And the Bleeding Crown' sees residents of a small town turn old by an eighteenth-century arch enemy of Darrington Dare, a past Librarian from eighteenth-century London.  

As the Librarians investigate, Flynn lets his fanboy run riot as he meets his hero Darrington Dare after he saves Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone from a bunch of lumbering zombie clones with melting skin. 

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Writer Tom MacRae encapsulates Flynn's amazement and Dare's eccentric and narcissistic tendencies remarkably well.  The energy Flynn and Dare create as they discuss the mystery behind the elderly overload is absolutely hilarious. It balances brilliantly with the big questions the episode generates. 

Flynn is becoming even more unsure of the rules of the Library as Dare states there can only ever be one Librarian.  This idea of a Librarian civil war is gripping and raises serious questions about whether the Librarians could turn against each other.

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This is a daring idea and one which will test the Librarians friendship to the limits. The twist of this story is the Librarians becoming old too but it's not really them, it's their clones!  Seeing the Eve, Cassandra, Ezekiel, and Stone as elders who complain about the temperature and how tired they are is fantastically funny.

It is also wonderful to see Cassandra reflecting on what she will be like when she grows old, something she didn't believe would happen with her brain grape. Darrington Dare also learns something from Flynn who states he needs friends to be the Librarian and to ensure he survives longer. 

Image result for the librarians season 4 and the bleeding crownAs Flynn tries desperately to save the Librarians from dying, he calls upon Jenkins to use his immortal life force to overload the crown of Dare's greatest nemesis. It's an exciting and gripping conclusion to a story that initially began as another general saving the day but turned into a quest for answers.

With the surprising twist, an imaginative plot and fantastic performances from the cast, 'And the Bleeding Crown' is another triumph and succeeds in feeding us more doubt and fear among the Librarians as they begin to question the Library and their role within it. 

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