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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Christmas Thief' Review

It's Christmas! And the Librarians are getting all festive and cheerful if Cassandra gets her way with episode three, 'And the Christmas Thief.' In this episode, we are introduced to Ezekiel's mum, who along with her three adoptive daughters, worships the Patron Saint of Thieves, vengeful brother to Santa!

The Librarians are also tasked with keeping Santa's sleigh safe whilst he parties with Jenkins, Flynn and Eve on vacation. After Ezekiel visits his Mum on 'Thanks taking day', a darkened version of Christmas that celebrates greed instead of giving, he unintentionally reveals the library to his Mum. And after she steals the globe which controls the magic door, it's up to Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jacob to use Santa's sleigh to retrieve the globe and escape from the Patron Saint of Thieves.

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Ezekiel's backstory is interesting because it allows Ezekiel's Mum relationship's with her son to develop Ezekiel's transformation as a dedicated and morally grounded Librarian. The thread between Ezekiel's choice of career and his defensive attack at pretending he doesn't care about people and his actions comes from his Mum's lack of belief in him.

More so, I loved the scene between Ezekiel, Cassandra and Stone when he tries to convince them he can retrieve the globe by himself. Cassandra acting like big sister and Stone fighting with Ezekiel like two squabbling brothers is a wonderfully playful scene. 

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The Christmas elements of the episode give the plot a valuable lesson in why it is always better to give rather than receive. It's a testament to the writers that it's Ezekiel who is the barer of this noble truth.

As Ezekiel and his Mum head back to the Bank of Thieves to return a painting stolen from the Patron Saint, Cassandra and Stone contact Jenkins to ask him to help them repair the globe and open a door.

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It's so uplifting to see Cassandra so excited and fascinated by magic. What's so unique and fabulous about all of the characters is their openness to express their playful and childlike side, something some adults may feel they cannot express even though every aspect of ourselves should be embraced and celebrated. 

Jenkins return comes with a great twist as he brings the Patron Saint a letter from Santa which gives him permission to gain ownership of the sleigh. But, there lies the conundrum as Stone reveals the Patron cannot accept something which is given to him willing, it must be stolen. 

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The most poignant moment of the episode concludes with Ezekiel and his Mum giving back the gifts she stole using the magic door. It's a moving moment between a mother and son who have lost their way and found each other again, just in time for Christmas!

'And the Christmas Thief' is a festive treat full of warmth, family, laughter and drama. There is a fine balance between slapstick and complex character development, especially for Ezekiel. Every performance is strong and dynamic, giving the interactions between the characters charisma and clarity.

 Merry Christmas and to all a good night!

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