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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Graves of Time' Review

Episode Four 'And the Graves of Time' reunites Eve with Nicole as she sets off on her own mission to find her. Once Eve does, she learns the curse of immortality is seeing everyone you love, die as you pass through time.

This episode also explores the conflict between Flynn and Jenkins as they try to persuade one another Nicole can and cannot be trusted. It's engaging to see these two friends become more distant because of the choices the Library has made them make.

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Eve's doubts about the tethering ceremony are interesting because she admits she's afraid she'll be alone if any of the Librarians decide to leave the Library behind.  Her connection to the Library and her friends are making her question if it's worth giving up her mortality. 

There is not only drama but some lighter moments as Cassandra's excitement at getting to be Jenkins whilst he and Flynn track Eve and Nicole is delightful and her enthusiasm is nothing but infectious. 

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Nicole's past brings a lot of questions for the Librarians and Eve; her presence casts a lot of mistrust within the Library. It's important the writers address the secrets of the Library because it's such a vast, magical and dangerous place to commit too. 

It is great to see Eve and Nicole begin to trust each other; their argumentative conversations are very entertaining. The fact they are working together strengthens Eve's loyalty to the Librarians because she states she 'never leaves a soldier behind.' 

The mission to retrieve an artifact that has the ability to kill an immortal creates uncertainty surrounding Nicole's motive for retrieving it. But she proves she can be trusted as the man also looking for it is Rasputin who Nicole thought she had killed centuries before.

But, the most amazing twist comes later when Jenkins transfers his immortality to Nicole when Rasputin stabs her with her artifact. It is incredibly moving to see the Librarians love for Jenkins show itself as Stone almost refuses to continue translating the text which completes the transference. 

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Ultimately, this episode is another strong chapter that deepens the doubts Eve and Flynn have towards tethering themselves to the Library. As Flynn begins to see the Library as a kind of prison that has kept him from discovering who he is outside of the Library, his sudden departure is an effective way to end the episode. 

The friendship built between Eve and Nicole is an outcome which is greatly welcomed as they relate and learn from each other. We can only hope Flynn hasn't abandoned the Library for good, not just for him but for Eve and the Librarians too.

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