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The Librarians Season 4 'And Some Dude Named Jeff' Review

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Season 4 is almost coming to a close! Nooo, what shall we do? Re-watch the entire season again once it finishes? Yep! But, the season isn't over yet so let's look at episode 10 'And Some Dude Named Jeff.' 

The opening scene has the Librarians doing their thing, preparing to capture saber-toothed tigers and a woolly mammoth that is rampaging across Los Angeles. They ask Jenkins to open a door... but it's not Jenkins, it's some dude, his name is Jeff and he's obsessed with the Library, like many of us are! And he's switched bodies with Jenkins.                      

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As Jenkins wakes up in Jeff's bed and instructed by his mother to 'look after her babies', a horde of cats appear. Hooray for cats! But, Jenkins doesn't waste any time getting back to the Library. But, seeing Jenkins trying to write a message to inform the Librarians of what's happened, Jeff distracts them. So, Jenkins teams up with Jeff's friends to enter the Library and fix the mistake. However, one of the seven prince's of hell might cause a few obstacles for them sprouting by the book Jeff purchased from the internet. The most dangerous book in the world.

This episode is special because it is directed by Lindy Booth herself, her directorial debut. She paces the action brilliantly, every scene flows into the next with high-energy, some fantastic comedy and moving moments as Jenkins enlightens Jeff about the amazing people he has in his life. Outcasts reign!

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Quick cuts and the flashes between scenes keep the momentum and engagement really high. Because this episode focuses primarily on Jenkins and his acceptance of mortality and integrating himself into human society, the Librarians and Baird are given a backseat. 

This changes the perspective of the Library because we see it from Jeff's point of view. A sanctuary to play, learn and be part of a phenomenal team. 

But, it also means there isn't much development on the tethering ceremony or who should be the one Librarian debate. It looks like next week's episode will dive right back into it, though.

As for 'And Some Dude Named Jeff', Lindy Booth has a fantastic job of creating a strong pace, dynamic flashes between scenes and some hilarious scenes between Jeff and the Librarians. The script is funny, engaging, entertaining, emotionally relatable and packed full of nerdiness. It is hard not to please! 

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