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The Librarians Season 4 'And the Trial of the One' Review *SPOILER ALERT*

The penultimate episode of season 4  is here, 'And the Trial of the One' pits the Librarians against each other. But, it appears the Library is frustrated that Baird hasn't chosen a Librarian to tether with so it threatens Jenkins life.  

This episode is overwhelmingly harrowing and one of the most emotionally charged episodes of the whole four seasons.  The Librarian's memories are twisted so they don't remember each other and their fears cause them to become the most vulnerable versions of themselves. 

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More so, the believability of the Library having the Librarians kill each other is reinforced by the Librarian's doubts and mistrust which have been seeded through this season.  It's hard to believe because of how cruel the trial is but there could be a slither of truth there because Baird hasn't tethered with a Librarian. 

As the Librarians face their worst fears (check out goth Cassandra) and Baird faces hers, which is having to watch the Librarians face theirs, the morality of the Library deepens and becomes much more complex. Is this really how the Library would act? If the Library truly wanted only one Librarian, why has it allowed Cassandra, Jacob and Ezekiel to continue as Librarians?

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More importantly, the loyalty of the three Librarians is really compelling especially since their friendship is so vital to the protection of the Library. Eve's proves herself to be one of the best guardians by working out how to save Jenkins and the Librarians; using the first book of the Library and placing it on the harness 'Jenkins' is wearing so they are transported back into the Library so the harness, the artifact is protected.

All appears well even though the fate of the Library is still uncertain, but the harness is brought back into the Library, attaching itself to Jenkins and killing him! It's not a alternative dimension, not a fake reality, this actually happens and we lose Jenkins. It's a heartbreaking scene to see the Librarians faith and love for the Library shattered. To see the Librarians completely broken is so emotional and so hard to accept. But, it's amazing for the series  to go to such an emotional place. 

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The performances from the cast is absolutely brilliant and incredibly moving. The lose of Jenkins feels so raw and true. And there's even more surprises in store when Nicole shows up again. She was behind Jenkins death, the resignation of the Librarians and all of the events leading up to this point. 

It's a huge revelation and somewhat hard to believe Nicole has planned all of this because she wants to get revenge on Flynn for not coming back for her. Even though this may be hard to believe, it makes Nicole's ideology even more sinister and twisted. Clearly, her loyalties and immortality has changed her entirely since she first met Flynn. 

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To conclude, 'And the Trial of the One' pushes the series into some amazing and harrowing places. The friendship between the Librarians is tested to the extremes which is entirely gripping and fascinating to watch. 

The consequences of not tethering to the Library are starting to unravel and Eve appears to be the only one who can remember the Library. Back in season 3, the Oracle of Delphi saw into Eve's future and predicted she would change the fate of the Library forever. Could we be about to find out exactly what she meant? 


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