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New All-Star Celebrity Cast For C&C Red Alert 3 Expansion

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced the members of the live action movie cast for Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising, the upcoming campaign expansion to last autumn’s award-winning Command & Conquer Red Alert 3. Picking up in the aftermath of the events in the original, Command & Conquer Red Alert 3 Uprising features an eclectic cast, starring in the all new, live-action movie sequences the Command & Conquer franchise is known for. From sci- fi legends to rising starlets and masters of the squared-circle, the cast of Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising includes (in alphabetical order): Jamie Chung, (Dragonball Evolution), Ric Flair (16-time world heavyweight wrestling champion), Malcolm McDowell (Heroes, Clockwork Orange, Wing Commander), Jodi Lyn O’Keefe (Prison Break), Holly Valance (Neighbours) along with returning fan-favorites Gemma Atkinson and Ivana Milicevic.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising will take players deeper into the Red Alert™ universe with four new mini-campaigns set in the aftermath of the events of Red Alert 3. The game also features the new Commander’s Challenge mode, a series of 50 challenging, over-the-top scenarios where players will need to battle through a gauntlet of commanders and obstacles in order to unlock the game’s powerful new units.

Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising will be available for digital download this March and has not yet been rated

There's more top totty in this game series now than a Hollywood movie!... not that I'm complaining of course.

The New C&C: Uprising cast. Click for a bigger picture.

Cool New Product @Forbiddenplanet

Who here hates Boba Fett? A show of hands? Anyone?... No? Nothing at all?

Well that's because everyone loves him! Boba Fett has built up such a huge fan following considering he was nothing more than a background bit player for most of the original trilogy Star Wars films (and then he was unceremoniously gobbled up by the Sarlaac at the beginning of Jedi!) but various products based on his likeness have always done well no matter what they are. This particular release has the added bonus of Han Solo in Carbonite too! A little chunk of the Empire Strikes Back in animated form. Who could resist?

This great little statue, due in Sept 09, is the latest in the ever growing line of animated Star Wars characters from Gentle Giant Studios and is a must for any die-hard Fett fan (Wozza, this means you!). All their previous releases have been simply beautiful (I'm the proud owner of one life size animated Princess Leia plus the smaller version with R2 too) and this latest piece is probably their best so far (imagine a life size version of this, now that would be frickin awesome!!!).

In the US it's an Entertainment Earth Exclusive which you can find HERE at $119.99

You can find it HERE with for £119.99

New Posters For Monsters vs Aliens & G.I. Joe

A few movie posters here for G.I. Joe and MvA to gawk at before you get to see the movies this year. Both sets are pretty classy in their own way, the Joe posters looking clean and stylish by removing most of each character's head and focusing on the action pose containing pvc, leathers, armour and guns to great effect. And then you have the retro b-movie styling of the MvA character posters, fun and energetic with their colourful exuberance. The Dr. Cockroach poster could almost be one of those images where he looks at you no matter where you are in the room... creepy.

Both movies are set to be 2009 blockbusters and I can't wait to see them.

Monsters vs Aliens


Kung Fu Panda Sequel Set For 2011

If you're anything like me you'll have really enjoyed Dreamworks' 2008 CG animated movie 'Kung Fu Panda'. Both myself and my eldest daughter went to see this in the cinema last year and thoroughly enjoyed it, which is quite surprising as I really don't like Jack Black, or his voice, that much at all. However I do love CG animated movies from Dreamworks and Pixar and I'm a martial arts nut with an immature mind so the these combined to form the perfect popcorn fest.

The following is from the Dreamworks Animation site:

"Pandamonium (get it? PANDA-monium?) will be back in 2011 when the sequel to its worldwide hit, "Kung Fu Panda," is expected to return to theaters on June 3, 2011. The Company also anticipates releasing the film into IMAX(R) theatres worldwide. The sequel to "Kung Fu Panda," like all DreamWorks Animation feature films starting in 2009, will be produced in stereoscopic 3D technology. During its theatrical run, "Kung Fu Panda" has reached over $626 million in worldwide box office to date, making it one of the most successful films of 2008 and DreamWorks Animation's most successful original film ever. The sequel will follow Po, the world's biggest kung fu fan, as he continues his journey as the chosen one who fulfills an ancient prophesy while mastering the art of kung fu. The sequel to "Kung Fu Panda" will once again star Jack Black, Angelina Jolie and other original cast members and will be directed by Jennifer Yuh Nelson, head of story on "Kung Fu Panda." It will be produced by Melissa Cobb. Jonathan Aibel and Glenn Berger, who wrote and co-produced the original film, will also be returning. DreamWorks Animation's CEO, Jeffrey Katzenberg, said, "We are thrilled to reunite the creative team that made 'Kung Fu Panda' such a global success. Because of their imaginative work, Po's path to heroism proved popular with moviegoers of all ages around the world." Bill Damaschke, Co-President of Production and President of Live Theatrical, added, "The story of 'Kung Fu Panda' provided a great introduction to these characters and afforded wonderful opportunities to further expand on the world we created in ancient China. Quite simply, there's more story to tell." "Kung Fu Panda," which has exceeded $215 million in domestic box office and over $411 million in international territories to date, will be released on two-disc DVD and Blu-ray on November 9, 2008 alongside a brand new companion story, "Secrets of the Furious Five."

Lister To Return To Earth In New Red Dwarf Episodes

As I've blogged before the Sky channel 'Dave' has 2 to 4 new highly anticipated special episodes of Red Dwarf heading our way pretty soon and the news is that Lister finally gets to go home to Earth after a few million years out in space.

There will supposedly be a big twist in him reaching Earth but that's tightly under wraps at the moment and of course completely expected from the series... When does Dave Lister ever get a break?!

On the 23rd of this month images were displayed on the official Red Dwarf website showing that things are moving ahead at Shepperton studios with new door signs showing the different departments that have recently been set up. Offices are now open, and already the costume, make-up and art departments are busy beavering away.

I have to say that Red Dwarf returning (even if it is just for a handful of episodes) is one of the best bits of entertainment news I had in 2008 and I can't wait to watch all the characters return 10 years on from the last episode of season 8.

Freema Agyeman To Return To Dr. Who This Year

As you're probably all aware by now there isn't an actual Dr. Who season this year, only a small number of specials spread out over the next 12 months, and luckily we still have David Tennant up until the last one. However it has come to light today that my all time favourite companion Martha Jones (the stunning Freema Agyman) will return for at least one of them. In what capacity its not been revealed but I'm hoping for a full episode at the very least.

I'm a huge Dr. Who fan (starting with Christopher Eccleston's reign and through to Tennant) and when Freema left to be replaced by Catherine Tate I was extremely miffed to say the least. Yes Catherine did eventually turn out to be Tennants best companion so far, even outdoing Billy Piper's run (don't argue or I'll slap ya upside the head) but Freema definitely rates as my favourite.

More news as it gets released.

Thundercats In Your Pocket - World Exclusive First Image

As promised here is the first ever image of the Thundercats In Your Pocket that I helped create. It's not a big deal for most people but being the huge 80's fan that I am I'm proud that I had something to do with at least one TC item that'll be bought by fans young and old across the globe.

The image was taken today by a colleague who was setting up our company stand at the London Toyfair. Thanks Danny boy!

I can just hear the music now... "da da daaaaa... Thundercatssss..."

Sunday, 25 January 2009

Contact Me

Right then, that's me done for the evening I think. I've put my contact e-mail address for this blog up on the top right of the page so that if any of you should want to e-mail me regarding anything on here to point out a mistake, to give me some news I haven't posted and you think is worth going up or to ask a question or give a suggestion etc, you can do so. It'd be good to hear from any of my readers from around the World.

Also I give you an open invitation to make this blog even better by asking you to feel free to send me reviews of any tv, games, products or movies you think would be worth going up that I haven't posted already. I'll read over every e-mail that comes in and if I think it's worth adding I will along with your chosen handle/ name.

I'll try and post again during the week but for now it's au revoir, auf wiedersehen, adios, ciao, farvel, and goobye...

Oh and if you're feeling generous and actually enjoy this blog please vote on the little 'do you like this blog' bit under my e-mail address. I'd like to see if I'm actually doing something people like! Thanks!

Cool New Products

There've been quite a few cool additions to the website lately and these are some of the best. Click on each product title under each image to go straight to that item on the FP site. (I already have 5 of these 10 products on order!)

RRP £269.99 FPI Price £209.99
Save: 22% off

Superman Uni-Formz - Kryptonian Life Suit, Cyborg and Classic Superman.
RRP £59.99 Each FPI Price £49.99 Each
Save: 17% off

Wonder Woman 1:6 Scale Deluxe Collector Figure
RRP £89.99 FPI Price £69.99
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The Lost Boys - Family Poster

Marvel - Black Widow Bishoujo
RRP £49.99 FPI Price £39.99
Save: 20% off

Bowen - Hulkbuster Iron Man Statue
RRP £224.99 FPI Price £169.99
Save: 24% off

Indiana Jones - Mighty Muggs Special Edition - Shortround

Indiana Jones - Mighty Muggs Special Edition - Sallah

Thundercats In Your Pocket - Going Into Production Finally

You wouldn't have thought that it would take this long to have gone from the idea stage to the actual product being made but finally the Thundercats In Your Pocket is going into production.

If you don't know what this is all about I'll explain. The company I work for has a sister company that manufactures certain things like plushes, keychains, USB hubs and In Your Pockets (small keychain-like sound modules that have 6 buttons, which each emit a phrase from the licenced TV show or movie once pressed). There have been many incarnations that have sold Worldwide such as Mr. T, Family Guy, Scarface, WWE, Star Wars, Dirty Dancing and loads more. I had the pleasure of developing the WWE and Star Wars versions, basically choosing the phrases that went on them, and they've been the biggest selling versions of all time (yay me!). However when a colleague of mine who runs one of our stores mentioned that we should try and grab the Thundercats licence (as everyone seems to be screaming for Thundercats products in some way or another) I thought a TC IYP would be perfect. I asked the MD to try and get the licence from Warner Bros, which they did, and then I was asked to choose 6 phrases (being the uber-geek that I am).
Now it may seem that 6 TC phrases are easy to pluck out of the air, but when you can only use certain characters (licence red tape) and have to find the exact time indexes of each phrase by watching the entire first series on DVD, it becomes a little taxing. However I did it in the end and now it's going into production and should be on a shelf near you (probably Clintons, HMV, Debenhams etc as well as on websites like Play, Amazon and Truffle Shuffle) sometime this year. I'm very proud as you can imagine.

Hopefully it'll be a big seller and I'm hoping people will like the phrases I chose. Don't have a go at me if you don't as I did the best I could with what I was allowed to use. Of course my favourite has been and will always be "Thunder, thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOO!" and that should be the top left button... The others I won't divulge here but you have a Mumm-Ra phrase, a Snarf phrase, two Panthro phrases and two Lion-O phrases. Some of the lines were way too long such as Mumm-Ra's 28 second 'Ancient Spirits of Evil' speech which I really wanted on there, but you have to make some sacrifices unfortunately.

I did put forward a load of other ideas such as a Cat's Lair projection alarm clock, an insignia USB hub and many other cool items that I was hoping we'd get the licence for by I was shot down, BADLY... Hopefully when the CG Thundercats movie gets made, if it ever does, we'll see a whole load of products hit the market and all us geeks who grew up on 80's cartoons can revel in the nostalgia. For now you'll have to make do with the In Your Pocket! ;)

Once I get the final image I'll put it up here. These are the two IYP's below that I've helped develop.

Star Wars Classic


The Entertainment World Loses 4...

I was sad to hear that not only did we lose Eartha Kitt (singer and 60's Batman series' Catwoman) on Christmas Day 2008 at the age of 81 but also Ricardo Matalban (KHAAAAAAAAAAAN!) on January 14th 2009 aged 88, Patrick McGoohan (The Prisoner) on January 13th aged 80 and UK artist and BBC childrens TV host Tony Hart on the 18th of January 2009 aged 83.

4 losses in such a short period of time. R.I.P to all.

TV's New Seasons Start Again

Ahhh don't you just love it when a TV programme you've been missing for ages comes back onto TV? Well I do because that's my life... Yes I know it's sad but it's true. Plus a few other programmes are getting better. Here's a bit on each.

Spoilers below. Do not read on if you haven't watched these new episodes!

Battlestar Galactica Season 4.5 - So Ellen Tigh is the fifth and final Cylon eh? I bet hardly anyone saw that one coming. I did, kind of, well she was one of my 3 top choices including Felix and Starbuck so I feel good that I was almost there. I don't actually believe she is the final Cylon at the moment, I think that's been played out a little too easily with another 9 eps left buy we'll see. And Kara Thrace is actually dead in her crashed Viper on Earth, yet was still sent back to the fleet alive and kicking somehow? I'd love to see how that one pans out. A sixth missing Cylon maybe? Resurrected by God? Time travel high jinx? Who knows! And Tyrol's boy is actually Hot Dog's? Naughty old Cally! I love Battlestar and even though I'm gutted it's coming to an end I can't wait for that final episode where you just know your jaw is going to on the floor for the whole thing.

Lost Season 5 - The series that confuses 100% of its viewers is back and this time time travel is the dish of the day. Lost is one of those programmes that delights in creating 10 times as many questions than it does handing out answers, and has lost some viewers along the way because of that. The first two episodes of the new season were great but Jesus H Christ is it getting into some serious sci-fi territory now. Only one more season to go after this and we should at least get a few answers. I'm sure there will be a couple of hundred more questions that'll get left hanging though.
There were far too many things in these first two episodes to write a small paragraph on so I'll just leave it to you to mull it over until the next one. One thing remains constant though, DON'T TRUST BEN...

Batman: The Brave And The Bold Season 1 - I have to admit that when I saw the first episode of this new Batman series I could only think of the 60's series and how it was an even poorer interpretation of the Dark Knight. But then after watching another few eps I've now grown quite accustomed to it's child-like 'second rate hero of the week team-up' nature. This is a lighter hearted Batman who likes to be sarcastic, is ultra competitive with the likes of Green Arrow and co and has a far sight more patience than the pointy-eared one we know and love. But somehow it works and it's a totally watchable cartoon. It'll never reach the heights of Justice League Unlimited, the original Batman Animated Series or even The Batman but I'll be watching it however long it's on our screens.

Smallville Season 8 - Smallville has certainly had its highs and lows over the last few years but season 8 has been mostly enjoyable. The inclusion of DC characters such as Doomsday, the Legion and continuing addition of Green Arrow and co have made it worth the watch. Unfortunately they had to bring Lana back (with her new Chun-Li honed martial arts skills) and have temporarily pushed the Lois angle to one side but with the promise of a 9th season now on the cards the producers have another season to play those cards and bring Clark even closer to being the Man of Steel we're waiting for.

Knight Rider Season 1 - Oh how I love this series. the critics have been harsh and the reviews have been derogatory to say the least but they have one true fan sitting right here. I can't really fault this series in any serious way. It doesn't take itself too seriously, the characters are fun and endearing and the women are so hot I want to cry myself to sleep at night. Plus KITT will always be cool. The inclusion (albeit briefly) of Optimus Pri... sorry I mean KARR in the most recent episode this week was great and now that Doc Graiman, Carrie and Torres are out of the picture, in one way or another, the series will now re-boot into the old 80's format where a small group of people fight for truth, justice and the American way by themselves rather than being part of a corrupt government machine. I hope this gets a few more seasons under its belt before it gets killed off. I need my weekly fix of Deanna Russo and Smith Cho!!!!

Sanctuary Season 1 - Sanctuary has made the difficult transition from blue screen filmed, Internet based series to a full blown TV series and I think it's done pretty well. There have been a few hit and miss episodes when it first started but the mythos and storylines have been slowly growing and the characters are finally being fleshed out to make this series one of my essential weekly viewings. I can never get enough of Amanda Tapping as you know (I'm still watching 3 episodes a night of my SG-1 box set) and Emilie Ullerup (Ashley Magnus) is one of my top pinups of the year. Yes the women are a big reason why I love some of these programmes but this one would be pretty watchable without them too! Here's hoping it continues.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 1 - OK, so everyone agrees that the movie didn't do that well and could have been a lot better than it was. But the series has actually been quite enjoyable and it grows the characters and the entire Star Wars Universe in such a watchable serial-like way that even my kids are happy to sit down each week and see what Anakin and Ahsoka are up to. Bringing in various Jedi's and background races each week has been a joy to watch and seeing as Lucas says this'll last for some time (who's gonna argue with him?) we should be watching this for some time.

The Unit: Season 4 - My all time favourite TV programme is well into its 4th season and is as watchable as it was from day one, if not more so. There's so much about the Unit I could talk about but I just can't give it the time it deserves on here. It's the one show that literally gets my heart going every episode and shocks when you least expect it to. Showing the lives of the Unit members is one thing (and a hell of a thing that is in itself) but the wives's stories are just as good and at the moment their equalling their husbands scenes for action and suspense. If you've never watched this, male or female, it's worth your time, trust me.

There's a lot more to go over but it'll have to be later... ;)

X-Men Origins: Wolverine - Fantastic New Hi-Res Pic

Click on the image for a high res version.

Aint it cool news had an e-mail from Hugh Jackman the other day which included this stunning new picture of some of the cast. Jackman tried to put aside the fears of late re-shoots currently going on, saying they were always planned (although we've heard that they are simply adding in more scenes with Ryan Reynold's Deadpool character which can only be a good thing) and letting all the fans know that this movie will kick major ass and not disappoint. Just looking at this hi-res pic makes me want to see it all the more. How badass does Jackman look?!!!

From left to right are Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool, Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, Hugh Jackman as Wolverine, Liev Schreiber as Sabretooth, and Lynn Collins as Silver Fox. Missing are Beak, Agent Zero, and The Blob but it's a great picture without them anyway.

Outlander - Final One Sheet Poster

As you may have read recently one upcoming sci-fi movie I'm looking forward to is the barmy premised Outlander, the Vikings vs Aliens movie. This poster above is the final one to be released before the movies comes out.

The premise once again is: During the reign of the Vikings, Kainan (James Caviezel), a man from a far-off world, crash lands on Earth, bringing with him an alien predator known as the Moorwen. Though both man and monster are seeking revenge for violence committed against them, Kainan leads the alliance to kill the Moorwen by fusing his advanced technology with the Viking's Iron Age weaponry.

Completely barmy, but one to see nonetheless!

Two Face Lives?

During his Golden Globes red carpet MTV interview Aaron Eckhart (the actor who played Two Face in Dark Knight if you didn't know) hinted that Two Face could well be in a coma at the end of the movie rather than outright dead. He stated "I think Harvey — if he's not dead — is in a serious coma and I'm not sure he's coming out. They might pull the plug on him." During the 3 minute interview he didn't say Two Face was 'dead' once...

Will we see Two Face in some way or form in a future sequel or was Eckhart just getting the fanboys all riled up? As always, only time will tell.

Jackie Chan As Mr. Miyagi?

One casting rumour I was worried about recently was that Jackie Chan is rumoured to be playing Mr. Miyagi in the Karate Kid remake alongside Jaden Smith.

Now don't get me wrong, Jackie Chan is great and I love his films, but he's not the Miyagi we all know and love by a long shot. It's like putting Sylvester Stallone in a Yoda suit for the next Star Wars movie simply because he's got big ears and talks funny... I can just see the casting team sitting round a table a saying "now who can we get that's Chinese and can do martial arts?... Jakie Chan!!!".

I grew up with the Karate Kid movies being a big influence on my life and being somewhat like my own (strict Japanese stepfather teaching me Martial Arts, catching a fly in chopsticks, yes I actually did do that, getting bullied and fighting back etc etc) and it pains me when a remake sounds as potentially disastrous as this could be. Pat Morita would not approve I'm sure!

Will they keep the crane kick final finishing move in? We'll see...

Kick Ass - New Photos

As I've said before in a couple of previous posts I'm really looking forward Matthew Vaughn's new 2009 comic book movie 'Kick Ass'. There's only been a couple of photos released but now there's another 3 to wet your appetite.

Samuel L Jackson May Not Return As Nick Fury?

One of the best and most talked about moments in the 2008 Iron Man movie was Samuel L Jackson's cameo in the post credit scene introducing himself to Tony Stark as Colonel Nick Fury of S.H.E.I.L.D and inviting him to join the Avengers Initiative.

It was a done deal in every fanboy's head that Sammy boy would reprise his role in the upcoming 2011 Avengers movie, or at least have another Marvel movie cameo. Unfortunately though it seems that the talks between Marvel Studios and Sam's agents broke down and the job may well now fall into the hands of another actor, or the role gets written out completely... Not good news. Let's hope David Hasslehoff isn't set to reprise his old 1998 Fury role!!!!

Hopefully the red tape will all be ironed out before things go ahead, I can't see anyone else having the presence or skill Sam could potentially bring to what is slowly building up to be one of the best and most anticipated movies of all time.

Iron Man 2 Casting Rumour - Emily Blunt As Black Widow.

I'd reported a few weeks back that both Hawkeye and Black Widow are rumoured to have prominent roles in the upcoming 2010 Iron Man 2 movie. Now the news from Variety is that Emily Blunt is now set to play the role of Black Widow, aka Natasha Romanoff. Blunt seems like a strange choice to me, I'm not sure why, I can see a dozen other actresses in my head that would fit the role a hell of a lot better than her, but still it's always nice to hear casting news when it comes to Marvel movies. Marvel studios themselves haven't confirmed Blunt yet but as with Sam Rockwell and Micky Rourke it's only a matter of time.

Fast & Furious - Newest Trailer

Another movie sequel (number 4 this time round) is Fast and Furious, starring pretty much the entire original film's cast. Their careers might be going down the drain but they can all rely on a movie with no storyline, fast cars, exlposions aplenty and hot girls acting tough to bring in their long awaited paychecks... Oh and I do actually love these films, even Tokyo drift, so let's see if this film hit the mark for me too!

Here's the newest trailer:

Crank 2: High Voltage - Newest Trailer

I have to admit that although I'm an avid Jason Statham fan the original Crank film wasn't really his career high point for me. However Hollywood has deemed the Crank franchise worthy of a sequel so here we are again...

Here's the newest trailer:

Saturday, 24 January 2009

I'll Be Back...

OK, it's been two weeks since my last post, and to those who visit regularly for entertainment news; I apologise.

I've had a busy few weeks with some UK Toyfairs coming up, some problems with my hips and back (an old man already at 30 years old!) and some problems at work resulting in possible redundancies due to the current economical climate... so all in all it's been a bit of a nightmare and I just haven't had the chance to sit down and do my beloved blog.

However I have a HUGE amount of posts to put up over this weekend (hopefully I'll find the time) so please visit again within the next couple of days and I should have made up for two weeks absence!

By for now!

Friday, 9 January 2009

New Stargate DVD Movie On It's Way

Being the phenomenally huge fan of Stargate SG-1 that I am (I'm currently watching 3 episodes a night with the missus of my season 1-10 DVD box set X-mas present for instance) I was ecstatic to hear that yet another SG-1 straight to DVD movie will be on it's way very soon.

Stargate SG-1 co-creator Brad Wright confirmed to Gateworld recently that the next movie will focus on Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson). Anderson’s role in Stargate: Continuum amounted to a guest appearance, but will be much more substantial in the next film. “The next movie will be much more Jack-centric,” Wright said.

Unfortunately someone who will be missing from the next chapter of the franchise will be Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black). Wright has previously told GateWorld that, due to a variety of circumstances including the availability of former cast members who have moved on to other work, it’s unlikely that future SG-1 movies will include the entire cast of the television series. While fans of those characters will certainly mourn their absence, it does offer the writers the ability to spend more time servicing whichever characters are included.

I actually met Claudia last year at the London film and Comic Con and asked her why I didn't see her name announced for the San Diego Comic Con Continuum talk that I'd be attending the week after. She told me that she hadn't been invited and didn't even know there was a talk... I found that a little odd to say the least as she mentioned at LFCC that Ben Browder was one of her closest friends and pretty much the entire cast was attending the SDCC talk including the elusive Richard Dean Anderson himself... hell even Beau Bridges was there!

She was also unaware that former Farscape cast members Gigi Edgely and David Franklin were signing at SDCC and she would have gone if she'd been invited. Did I smell a rat somewhere? Damn right! Either she was telling porky's or they'd left her out of it for some reason.

Aaaaaaanyway, we may lose Vala, but to get O'Neill back for some major screen time is definitely a bonus and anything that lets me see more of Amanda Tapping will never be a bad thing for me. I love that woman!

There's no current release date for the next SG-1 DVD and there's certainly no sign of a theatrical release anytime soon, regardless of how well the last two movies did but I'm looking forward to it nonetheless.

More Thor News...

It's recently been confirmed that not only will Kenneth Branagh be directing the new Thor movie but he'll also have an acting role too. It hasn't been confirmed who he'll play but as the director of Iron Man (John Favreau) had a bit part in his movie this might seem to be the start of a new trend for each Marvel movie director going forward.

Better news for us geeks is that the script has been tweaked to add Thor's human alter ego Donald Blake into the end of the script. It's worth pointing out that Blake was not in the original script which meant that the whole film had been originally set in Thor's fantasy-like home of Asgard for the entire movie. Obviously some bright spark figured out that each Marvel movie after Iron Man has to be placed as much in the real world as possible and have a connection to the upcoming Avengers release.

I predict that if the movie itself doesn't have much real world involvement, as we know it doesn't at this point, we may well see Blake in a post credits appearance, hopefully being approached by either Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson) or Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr) to join the team. Me, I see Branagh playing Donald Blake...

In the Thor comics Thor's father Odin decides that his son needs to be taught humility and consequently places Thor into the body of a partially disabled medical student named Donald Blake. After becoming a doctor and thoroughly believing himself to be Blake, he later discovers Thor's disguised hammer and learns to change back and forth into the Thunder God.

As this part of the story isn't actually the birth of Thor, more of a rebirth on Earth, it isn't integral to the main movie, only to eventually join him in some believable way to the real world where the rest of the superheros like Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and co belong to.


Sorry, couldn't resist that...

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li Poster, Pics And Trailer

Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li has had a few updates in the last week with a new Poster, a couple of new pics and the official US trailer getting released. The poster is above and the rest are below...

Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas as Vega.

Neal McDonough as M.Bison.

Official English version trailer

Tron 2 Finds Its Lead - Garrett Hedlund

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the new Tron movie (now being called just 'Tron' with no numbers or letter switches etc) has found its lead role in the 26 year old Garrett Hedlund of (Troy, Friday Night Lights, Eragon, Death Sentence).

No character name has been revealed but Hedlund's role is described as "a man who finds himself pulled into the world of a computer [to retrace] the steps of a character from the original movie named Kevin Flynn".

Common speculation says that Jeff Bridges character of Flynn is in the computer world once more and has turned bad and Hedlund's character will have to rescue him in some way. We'll soon see what it's all about when shooting starts in the spring for release in 2011.