Sunday, 25 January 2009

Thundercats In Your Pocket - Going Into Production Finally

You wouldn't have thought that it would take this long to have gone from the idea stage to the actual product being made but finally the Thundercats In Your Pocket is going into production.

If you don't know what this is all about I'll explain. The company I work for has a sister company that manufactures certain things like plushes, keychains, USB hubs and In Your Pockets (small keychain-like sound modules that have 6 buttons, which each emit a phrase from the licenced TV show or movie once pressed). There have been many incarnations that have sold Worldwide such as Mr. T, Family Guy, Scarface, WWE, Star Wars, Dirty Dancing and loads more. I had the pleasure of developing the WWE and Star Wars versions, basically choosing the phrases that went on them, and they've been the biggest selling versions of all time (yay me!). However when a colleague of mine who runs one of our stores mentioned that we should try and grab the Thundercats licence (as everyone seems to be screaming for Thundercats products in some way or another) I thought a TC IYP would be perfect. I asked the MD to try and get the licence from Warner Bros, which they did, and then I was asked to choose 6 phrases (being the uber-geek that I am).
Now it may seem that 6 TC phrases are easy to pluck out of the air, but when you can only use certain characters (licence red tape) and have to find the exact time indexes of each phrase by watching the entire first series on DVD, it becomes a little taxing. However I did it in the end and now it's going into production and should be on a shelf near you (probably Clintons, HMV, Debenhams etc as well as on websites like Play, Amazon and Truffle Shuffle) sometime this year. I'm very proud as you can imagine.

Hopefully it'll be a big seller and I'm hoping people will like the phrases I chose. Don't have a go at me if you don't as I did the best I could with what I was allowed to use. Of course my favourite has been and will always be "Thunder, thunder, thunder, THUNDERCATS HOOOOOOOO!" and that should be the top left button... The others I won't divulge here but you have a Mumm-Ra phrase, a Snarf phrase, two Panthro phrases and two Lion-O phrases. Some of the lines were way too long such as Mumm-Ra's 28 second 'Ancient Spirits of Evil' speech which I really wanted on there, but you have to make some sacrifices unfortunately.

I did put forward a load of other ideas such as a Cat's Lair projection alarm clock, an insignia USB hub and many other cool items that I was hoping we'd get the licence for by I was shot down, BADLY... Hopefully when the CG Thundercats movie gets made, if it ever does, we'll see a whole load of products hit the market and all us geeks who grew up on 80's cartoons can revel in the nostalgia. For now you'll have to make do with the In Your Pocket! ;)

Once I get the final image I'll put it up here. These are the two IYP's below that I've helped develop.

Star Wars Classic


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