Saturday, 7 February 2009

Smallville Season 8 - A Little Rant


OK so it's obvious I love Smallville (it is Superman after all) but I am severely p****d at the recent Lana storyline the writers have created over the last few episodes.

Lana never meant to leave Clark for all that time, she was forced to by Mercy (under Lex's orders) and once she'd fled Lex's evil clutches she got some hardcore military style training that made her hard-ass and ready for anything. She hunts down Lex's latest tech that will help him live (a nano skin of alien cells that would also give him Superman like powers that they call a suit of armour) and gets the Doc to put it on her instead of Lex (the 'birth' of the new Lana where she smashes through the glass and grabs the bullet in 'speedy time' is pretty cool I must admit).
She can never remove this thing so it looks as if Lana and Clark will be a super powered duo and be fully compatible lovers forever (being able to now hump without incident again too). But (and it's a big but) low and behold there's a chink in the armour... Lex developed it to absorb any Kryptonite it comes into contact with (to obviously kill Clark) and Lex, together with Toyman, build a Kryptonite bomb that only Lana can diffuse... By absorbing all of the Kryptonite, finally sealing the Lana/ Clark, will they/ won't they, question forever. Lana is now lethal to Clark and they can never be together again. They can't even get within 10 feet of each other or else Clark will get sick.
Lana with her new powers moving in 'speedy-time' (hence the aura).

Lana having to absorb the Kryptonite from the rooftop bomb to save the inhabitants of Metropolis while destroying hers and Clarks relationship...

What a frickin cop out... Whoever wrote that bloody storyline should be shot. Fine, I understand that Clark has to get with Lois for the Superman continuity to look like it's actually getting to where it's going sometime soon, but it's all a total crock of s**t to do what they've done.

Plus did Saturn Girl not tell Lana that she had (and will have) a huge influence on Clark's life and that she does a huge amount of good herself? So I gather they meant an influence in retrospect, seeing as that's the end of them (or is it, you can never be sure with these two?) and she'll become her own superhero in some other city somewhere, fighting crime... If so it's obviously a new hero we've never heard of in the DC continuity and has been created purely to get Lana out of the picture.
Oh and Lex is now definitely dead? Do they not think we know our Supes history? Lex Luthor is alive and well when Clark becomes Superman and sets about saving Metropolis for the rest of his days so what's the point in pretending they've offed Lex again? He's Superman's greatest nemesis!!! Just because the new actor didn't look or sound anything like Michael Rosenbaum now that he's off doing more cartoon voice acting? Obviously the producers and writers have finally decided to get rid of the two characters that have really kept Smallville in the minor leagues for the last few seasons, and I don't disagree, I just don't like then way in which they've executed their respective departures.

Anyways, if season 9 is going ahead we need to now clean Lana off the Smallville slate, defeat the mostly absent Doomsday and get some serious Lois and Clark action going this season. I want more Lois (God do I want more Lois!), more DC heroes and villains and some flying Clark before it's all too late. Oh and Bruce Wayne/ Batman better be a season 9 addition or I'll hunt them down and beat them all with a random Superman collectible from my room, believe me there's enough here for each to get there own!!!

Rant over, carry on as you were...

G.I. Joe - New Image. Worrying?

Is this image worrying?

G.I. Joe looks like a kick-ass movie with some really cool action sequences and lashings of high quality, believable CGI. However when I look at this new picture I can only see one of those ultra-corny movie endings where the entire team comes together and walks towards the screen all smiles and laughter knowing they've defeated the bad guys (like it was ever in question in a movie like this) with said bad guys burning in some crumpled heap in the background.

I see this picture and it makes me worry that that's exactly what it is... I can just see Marlon Wayans jumping in the air, clicking his heels together and shouting "Go Joe!" and the screen freezes as the credits start to role...
Let's hope I'm mistaken. At any rate this movie looks pretty damn awesome and I have seen more than most being privy to various mini trailers and unfinished footage through my work that the general public can't access.

Sienna Miller and Rachel Nichols in ultra tight leather and PVC, toting guns, are enough to get me to go see this movie, the rest of the action is an added bonus!

Rachel Nichols as Shana "Scarlett" O'Hara

Sienna Miller as The Baroness

Friday, 6 February 2009

Red Dwarf News

Ah yes, now we're getting somewhere. The two new episodes of Red Dwarf that are set to air in April this year have finaly had some juicy little updates.

Red Dwarf is returning to Earth for a brand new two-part series. For 8 seasons Dave Lister wanted to return to his home planet and now, at last, he will. Reuniting Chris Barrie as Rimmer, Craig Charles as Lister, Danny John-Jules as Cat and Robert Llewellyn as Kryten, Red Dwarf: 'Back to Earth' will premier on Sky channel 'Dave' on Friday 10th April at 9pm.

Written and directed by Red Dwarf co-creator Doug Naylor, 'Red Dwarf: Back to Earth' will begin filming on Monday 16th February. Over the Easter Weekend 4 brand new episodes will air – the 2 episodes of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth will be followed by Red Dwarf: Unplugged which will deliver the cast of Red Dwarf as they’ve never been seen before – no sets, no effects… and no cue cards. The weekend will climax with Red Dwarf: the Making of Back to Earth, a behind the scenes special from the new production.

Below are the first two images to have been released by Dave showing both Lister (Craig Charles) from behind in his gear and the gang as they look now in 2009 ready for their April episodes. I can't frickin wait!

The UK newspaper 'The Sun' recently had a picture that perplexed a lot of Red Dwarf fans which was of a Starbug styled car on the set of Coronation Street... Fans were worried that the new episodes would have something to do with Craig Charles' part in Coronation Street as Lloyd and that somehow there was a connection to Lister (Lister's an actor in the Street? It's Lister's twin brother? Alternate Universe? Who knows). I believe this is actually part of a Comic Relief short that is being filmed which will air before the episodes and give some advertising to the new eps as well as giving us all a little laugh for the Comic Relief. I can't see the actual new eps having a solid link to the Street in any sensible way, but then we have seen a lot of strange stuff in RD before...

Starbug 1 on the Street!

If you weren't aware there was actually a US Red Dwarf pilot that was created back in 1992 (twice actually as the first pilot didn't go down too well... and neither did the second unfortunately...). The American show featured a new cast that really didn't resemble our beloved characters (except Robert Llewellyn who was the only original cast member to reprise his role as Kryten) and had a few different story lines specific to the re-boot. You can read all about it HERE but I thought I'd mention that apart from having some familiar faces (in the second pilot at least) I was completely shocked to hear that my beloved Terry Farrell (Jadzia Dax from Star Trek DS9) was cast as the female version of The Cat! This was before her role on DS9 but it shocked me that she was going to be in it and that they'd changed Cat to a female... I really would have loved to see this series get the go ahead, even if it was crap!

US cast pic for Red Dwarf. Second pilot.

The supreme hotness that is Terry Farrell. Probably my top sci-fi babe, although thousands would probably disagree... To Hell with you all I say!!!

Rambo V In The Works? Plus Expendables.

He may have passed 62 but old Stallone is ready to do yet another Rambo movie.

Stallone has been telling Extra TV that he is looking to do a 5th Rambo movie. When asked about the project, Stallone stated: "Yeah, we are doing another Rambo, but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country."

Stallone has signed a deal with Nu Image and Millennium for two new action films, which may be for another Rambo film, but that hasn't been confirmed.

In the meantime the biggest buzz apart from Rambo V is Sly's new movie 'The Expendables'. The story is a simple one where a group of hard-ass mercs come together to overthrow an evil dictator. The exciting part however is the cast. Rumoured to be in this film are the following, some of who you may well recognise!:

Mickey Rourke
Jason Statham
Sandra Bullock
Jet Li
Dolph Lundgren
Forest Whitaker
Ben Kingsley
Robert Knepper
David Zayas
Randy Couture
Dax Ravina

As you can see there's a few heavy hitting action heroes there along with a couple of award winning actors mixed in. There are still rumours floating around that more bygone action heroes are yet to sign on such as Jean Claude Van Damme (who already turned down a role in the movie but may be considering changing his mind now that his recent movie JCVD has done very well with critics).

Set to be an explosive movie of testosterone and bloody violence The Expendables is due in 2010 and will be both written and directed by Sly himself.

Sly at age 62 as he'll look in The Expendables! Now there's a pensioner that could kick your arse!

Ghost Rider 2?

I know that Marvel are obviously a supreme cash-cow at the moment and their movies are raking in the cash left, right and center (with future movies like 'The Avengers' set to be the biggest comic book movies of all time) but do they really have to flog a dead horse (excuse the pun) by making a sequel to the God-awful Ghost Rider?

There have been some comic book movie stinkers in the past 10 years and GR was one of them. Cage was wooden (I usually love his movies) and the story sucked balls. I actually thought the CGI on the Rider himself wasn't too bad but that didn't save the movie from being a dud.

Anyways Columbia Pictures is getting ready for GHOST RIDER 2, the sequel to the original movie that saw Nicolas Cage as the stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze who gives up his soul to become a hell blazing vigilante.

Columbia is now looking for writers to pen the sequel and Nicolas Cage is in fact attached and signed on to return. Whoopdi-doo...

Please get it right this time guys!

Dragonball: Evolution - New US Trailer

As per usual I have nothing much to say about this movie, it looks awful, but then I'm not a DB fan.

Here's the latest trailer:

Resident Evil 4 Movie On Its Way? and AITH are reporting that Sony Screen Gems is already prepping a shoot for Resident Evil 4.

Paul W.S Anderson has written the screenplay but he is not coming back to direct and the producers are going to start casting before making any more script changes.

Will they drop Milla Jovovich from the franchise? I actually hope note. She may not be the best actress in the World and the Resi films are hardly award winning material, but she's a proven female action hero and complete hotty and it would seem strange not having her in the new movie, unless they take a completely different approach and her character just doesn't fit the new mould of course.

One to look out for if your a Resi movie fan...

Will Milla return as ass-kicking Alice?

Oh Dear God... Eddie Murphy Has Been Signed Up As The Riddler In The New Batman Movie?

OK I'm not convinced by this news at all but The Sun newspaper website had reported on the 18th of December 08 that 47 year old Beverly Hills Cop star Eddie Murphy had signed on to play The Riddler in the third Christoper Nolan Batman movie... Can this be true, why haven't I heard of this before today, maybe because it's complete BS? I'd heard rumours that Murphy was a possible choice but just thinking back to how 'real' the Batman movies have now become I just can't see a comedian like Murphy fitting the role at all. Hell I'd choose Jim Carrey to come back rather than have Murphy ruin the franchise with his slapstick humour and goose honking laugh. At least I've seen Carrey do some serious acting in movies like The Number 23 and The Majestic!

I think this is obviously all bull and especially Shia Labeouf as Robin? No frickin way! It's just old news someone made up and it's simply dissipated over the last two months...

Just in case you think I'm telling porkies here's the link to the Sun's news story.

If you don't want to travel there here's the story in full:

The Beverly Hills Cop star, 47, has been signed up by British director CHRISTOPHER NOLAN to reprise the role played by JIM CARREY in 1995’s Batman Forever.

The surprise move follows speculation linking Pirates of the Caribbean star JOHNNY DEPP to the part.

The film, set for a 2010 release, is being developed under the working title 'Gotham'.

Execs have also signed up rising Transformers star SHIA LABEOUF, 22, to play Robin.

CHRISTIAN BALE will return as Bruce Wayne, while MICHAEL CAINE will again play Bruce’s assistant Alfred.

Meanwhile, Brit RACHEL WEISZ is said to be up for the Catwoman role.

Insiders also revealed to The Sun the flick will end on a cliffhanger over whether Batman survives a blast at Wayne Towers.

Nolan had been tight-lipped about the future of the Batman films after being rocked by the January death of HEATH LEDGER — tipped to receive a posthumous Oscar for his role as The Joker in The Dark Knight.

A film insider said: “Chris wasn’t sure if he wanted to do another movie but as soon as he decided to, he got the wheels in motion".

Chritian Bale Loses It Big Time...

If you haven't heard about this already this week you must be living on a different planet...

Basically while I was in San Diego for the Comic Con last year one of the biggest news stories to be played on almost every US news channel day and night was that Christian Bale had been arrested for an alleged assault on his Mother and Sister. The charges were eventually dropped and were pretty much forgotten about due to the huge deal that was made out of the years biggest movie 'Dark Knight'. It all seemed like some weird kind of propaganda advertising scheme at the time, dreamt up to plunge DK even further into the limelight during its release, but this week some unbelievable audio of Bale (recorded just before the July incident) losing it completely on the set of Terminator: Salvation as released. Bale, 35, saw red as Shane Hurlburt (the Director of photography) spoiled a scene by walking on the set of Salvation and putting Bale of his game. Listen to the full audio in the link below for a pretty terrifying rant, filled with a vicious tirade of f-bombs and other derogatory comments that no-one would want to be on the receiving end of. It's also pretty freaky how Bale keeps dropping out of his natural English accent and into an American one, not seeming to know which one to stay in while he goes completely nuts. I have to admit that listening to this got my heart rate up and made me sweat, I presume the same thing happened to the people surrounding the riled actor but on a far grander scale. I had a lot of respect for Bale but it seems he's now the subject of a huge media meltdown with everyone thinking he's a violent nutter like his character in American Psycho!

Land Of The Lost - New Poster And Trailer

It's no secret that I've never been a huge fan of Will Ferrell. I cringe at most of his movies and find him a bit "meh"... However when a movie has crazy-ass things like time-warps, monsters and Dinosaurs I can look past the cast and look forward to the movie itself. This time it's 'Land Of The Lost', an upcoming American feature film based on the 1974 TV series of the same name. The film is directed by Brad Silberling and stars Will Ferrell, Anna Friel and Danny R. McBride. Due for release on June 5, 2009 it follows "a disgraced paleontologist, his assistant, and a macho tour guide who find themselves in a strange, alternate world inhabited by dinosaurs, monkey people and reptilian Sleestaks."

Here's the trailer from

Pixar's UP - Newest Poster

A movie that looks crazy but could possibly be the best Pixar movie yet is 'UP'. Pixar haven't done wrong by me yet and I absolutely love every single one of their movies. Toy Story 3 is on it's way soon as well as the sequel to Cars and hopefully the sequel to Monster Inc in the not too distant future but for now here's the latest poster for UP.

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince - New Posters

Oh how the Kryptonianwarrior household loves Harry bloody Potter... The missus has read all the books and the rest of us have seen all the movies numerous times. What an influence Ms Rowling has had on the entire World (including my family!), and what a gazzilonaire it's made her! Good on her though, I wish I could write a single novel, let alone 7 amazing ones with a World so rich and believable it almost seems real for those of us who encounter it. These posters are for the penultimate movie 'Half Blood Prince', set to be a blinding blockbuster with one of the biggest shock endings, to those who don't know what happens, in Potter history.

Streetfighter: The Legend Of Chun Li - New Poster & More

Yet another poster and this time for a movie I'm so so interested in seeing but at the same time it's Street fighter and I've always been a huge fan of the SF franchise in all it's forms. Below is the first proper pic for Taboo from the Black Eyed Peas as Vega looking hard-ass.

Street fighter IV - The Video Game

Speaking of Street fighter is anyone else really hyped to know that the amazing looking Street fighter IV video game will be on shelves on the 20th of this month? The game looks absolutely amazing and the early reviews have given it full marks for looks and game play (unlike the recent Mortal Kombat vs DC which was a little bit of a letdown for me). Some images and trailer for this below to get the old retro goose bumps going. Y' gotta love that revamped music!

Night At The Museum: Battle Of The Smithsonian - New Poster

Another poster for a film I'm quite looking forward to seeing. Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian.

Sure it might be a re-hash of the first film in a different location with some extra characters thrown in but the first film was pretty good family fun and my kids, the missus and I watch it all the time!

Monsters vs Aliens: New Poster

Yet another Monsters vs Aliens poster has been released and this time the whole team of monstrous good guys are present (well, minus the giant Insectosaurus at least). Still can't wait to see this one, although I'd rather see it without the 3-D...

Sunday, 1 February 2009

Get Lost!

So as you're all aware by now Lost season 5 has started, and what a great season it is already. If you're one of those avid followers (and I use that term loosely as there's not a lot of people in the world that can actually "follow" what's going on most of the time) then you must read the two links below. The first link features Doc Jensen from who is absolutely amazing with what he comes up with for the numerous secrets and questions raised on the show. The second link is an interesting piece about Ajira Airlines which is a viral site linked to this season's possible method of return for the Oceanic Six to the island.

I Heart Guts & Mr Toast Rule!

A website I came across the other day at work while perusing an action figure website was I have to admit that although I saw the very random 'Mr. Toast' plushes in San Diego last year (I even bought a few, c'mon you know you would too. Plush toast? It's completely barmy!) I can safely say that blows me away with its insane brand of cute plushes based on your major organs. You name it, it's probably there. Heart, lungs, pancreas, kidney, uterus... yes I said uterus, and each one is soooo cute you wouldn't feel too disgusted buying one for your kids!

There was a recent recall on the uterus plush due to the fear a child could rip off the ovaries and swallow them (it's true, you couldn't think this stuff up) but otherwise the rest of the plushes are safe and ready to order. I heart guts doesn't just do the cuddly organs either, there are colourful badges, awesome t-shirts, cute stickers and even stylish original artwork based on the character organs.

Check this site out, even if it's just for a laugh. Such a basic and out-there concept that it really works! Being diabetic I think my perfect plush is the pancreas although I'm rather partial to the limited edition heart of gold or lung versions too. How very strange...

The magnificent seven. Clockwise from center top: Heart, Brain, Pancreas, Gall Bladder, Liver, Lungs, Kidney.

If you want to see more of the amazing Mr. Toast and his wonderful world go to

Mr. Toast and his edible posse. Joe the Egg, Shaky Bacon, and Clem Lemon!

The SDCC 07 exclusive Vampire Toast (which I proudly own!).

3 New Superbowl Trailers For G.I. Joe, Transformers 2 & Star Trek

Possibly the USA's biggest sporting event of the year, the Superbowl, has always been a place where the biggest movies have their trailers broadcast during its airing to obtain the best viewer saturation level possible. Because of this fact 3 trailers were released yesterday that will be seen by millions during the XLIII event tonight. G.I. Joe, Transformers 2 & Star Trek will all be given the mini trailer treatment (I can't imagine how much the studio has to pay to get these trailers into the Superbowl advert slots but I bet it's in the millions), and here they are for your enjoyment.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Find more videos like this on

Transformers 2: Rise of the Fallen

Star Trek

Emily Blunt Withdraws From Iron Man II for Gulliver's Travels?

Recently I posted that Emily Blunt had been set to play Black Widow in the upcoming Iron Man II movie. Now news is hitting the web that she's been cast in a role for the new Jack Black Gulliver's Travels movie instead (you know the story with the little lilliputian people etc?). While Blunt's reps are still trying to work out scheduling so she can play both roles, it will be an uphill battle because of the scheduling overlap. Gulliver's Travels will shoot in the U.K. in late March; "Iron Man 2" is expected to begin filming in early April in Manhattan Beach, California.

Could be good news, could be bad news. I suppose it all depends on who they get to replace her if she can't sort her schedule out...

Michelle Ryan To Star In Easter Dr.Who

I was very happy to read the other day that one of my all time favourite TV hotties, Michelle Ryan, will be appearing in the Easter Dr. Who special "Planet of the Dead". The former Bionic Woman and Eastenders star will be playing the part of Lady Christina de Souza, a mysterious woman who pulls off a jewelry heist and escapes on a strange Double Decker bus where she meets the Timelord himself.

It' unfortunate we only get a few episodes this year instead of a full season but adding Miss Ryan has cheered me up no end...

Michelle Ryan as Lady Christina de Souza, all leathered up...

Oh and there's also news that Noel Clark aka Mickey Smith (who I was lucky enough to spend a whole day with back in 2007 at the San Diego Comic Con) could well return in the not too distant future too. The Bafta nominated star told TV Biz: "Who would turn down a return to Dr. Who? I love the show and have always supported it. I was there from day one when nobody was sure if it was going to be a hit. But the show moves on. Who knows? Whatever happens, happens. I'll see if they come knocking!"

I for one would love to see Noel return as Mickey, bringing back characters has seemed to go well for the revamped Dr. Who series over the last few years, and Mickey was a great character. I know the Americans seemed to love him!

Noel Clark aka Mickey Smith